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There are not many people in my life who are, well, lucky enough to leave a lasting impression on me that I talk about them here. But, I am lucky enough to have those few good people in my life who leave an impression not just because of their wonderful company but also because of their powerful, strong and intellectual advice which may not be the most logical ones but do make the perfect sense.

And these people, they may not the one from your family or from the bunch of your closest friends or some of those whom you meet every day and talk to every day but they are people who give you their time when you need the most. And they make sure that the time that they give you adds only value to your existence.

This great man about whom I am talking about once showered his pearls of wisdom on me by saying the following words :

Do not allow life to break you.”
Just generic advice, no? No.
He added more to it. Life doesn’t break you at once. It breaks you bit by bit. You might think that you are done but life still has more in store for you. Life breaks you till the point when you realize that you don’t care anymore. But that process leaves a scar. A scar that is visible to you and takes you down each day. You just don’t have to let life break you down to that level.
When I said that this is no generic advice, I meant every word of it. These words come from a man who, even after being taken down by life so many times – brutally and cruelly, lives on with the most inspiring life and yes, smile! Whenever I feel low or I am in distress, I identify that probably this is another of those ways when I am being pushed to the ground. The beauty of his advice is that it is so open-ended.
He doesn’t tell me how not to let life do its task. Every time, I just have to identify the solution to my situation, making me stronger and ever more intelligent. And his way of living is always inspiring when I am looking for the perfect solution.
This magically mysterious man is no other than the very famous(?) Roshan Radhakrishnan about whom I have talked a couple of times. And no, I am not sharing the only one picture that I have with him again today because the cyber police may rate it as an objectionable picture after witnessing the number of shares by me.
I would rather take an opportunity to embarrass him by posting his trying-to-be-funny pictures here. This is just for the noble cause of reaching out to the people whom he failed to reach in the process of self-embarrassment.
I have no idea about his violent streak. Why? What? How? These questions always remain unanswered but you will always find him in these kinds of pictures!
Photo Courtesy: God Years

And I would not try to share more of his such pictures for the next thing you know that he might be sharing a similar picture with me in it (as a victim, of course!)

But Doc, I really salute your spirit and I can never thank you enough for giving me the advice that helps me sail through the tough and not-so-tough times!

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