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Issue Reviewed: September 2015
Price: INR 75
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Calling these 110 pages to wonder just a fashion magazine is purely an understatement. This is a complete lifestyle magazine giving you fun-filled content which is informative as well. Too boring to start this? Forgive me, but this is my first magazine review.

I really like this chic magazine. The August issue was good and they are just outdoing themselves every month.

One thing is for sure, for a fashion fanatic this magazine gives a scoop of the latest happenings of the fashion industry.

The September issue has the cove story of Parineeti Chopra. A usual chit chat? Well no. A pretty candid story about a girl trying to fit in but finally carving her own niche. Oh yes, her new look is pretty bad girl look but she has done it amazingly.

The magazine every month gives out some fresh, trendy and stylish fashion and beauty advice. And that is something that can be carried off well by people belonging to different style group. When I say that I mean that if you like subtle colours, there is something for you. If you are an all-bling girl, there is something for you too! And yes, every look is pretty affordable. Even if not, makes it affordable by giving you amazing discounts and the best prices.

Oh yes, the privilege of being a Juice reader-you get an extra 30% off on your shopping cart.

This magazine is a complete entertainment with good creative content. It is not all about fashion, after all,  some good career and relationship advise are included too. A good read!

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