Laughter is the best Medicine.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”
-Milton Berle

We often look for the perfect break to get away from the hassles of or oh-not-so-content-life. But we seldom forget that letting our smile have an orgasm can actually prove to be the break that we seek. Laughter, just one hearty laughter, can help you unwind in exactly the right manner.

But now the question arises – where to find the source of that laughter? I usually dig into the good old comic books. You might have some comical friend. But we do spend a lot of time watching sitcoms and of course, the standup comedy by some super witty people.

The way Indian comedy has evolved is pretty slow. I will start from the time after I was born. I grew up reading the stories of Akbar Birbal and Gopal Bhaad (the bong counterpart of Birbal). Then television evolved with epic series like Tu Tu Main Main and Shriman Shrimati. Somewhere down the line, we saw the series called Movers and Shekhar. However, the Indian audience was probably not evolved enough to accept it. In fact, the epic movie like Andaz Apna Apna is appreciated more now than it was when it released. Some more years later, the revolutionary channel came into existence called Star One which gave us Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai and another show with stand up comedy by Vinay Pathak and Ranveer Shorey and their peeps. Guess what? People couldn’t accept that well too.

Enough of history. But we, as an audience, have definitely evolved and accepted some really honest and ruthless comedy. Though it became more popular after the advent of various stand-up comedy reality show we all know that those shows were indeed pretty cheap. I like Kapil Sharma (yes, you can go ahead and judge me) but only when he performed his li’l 10-minute stints. That didn’t sound right. I mean his li’l 10 minutes performances on the television reality show.

However, now we have some amazing people who are taking up YouTube as a medium to reach “their” masses. I am so glad that these people realized their talent to make the “ROFL” a reality. I like Kannan Gill and his henchman Biswa for that matter. I don’t like AIB such but hey, those people are doing a great job. I am just not very comfortable with so much swearing in my life.

These people provide you with the laughter trip that you need. Their mere 10 minutes videos are enough to take you out of your zone. Laughter is indeed the best medicine!

I am glad how LiveInStyle has a special section dedicated to stand up comedy. You might want to check it for some li’l trivia about your favourite comic. Also, do browse the site’s other section. My favourite, without mention, has to be the drinks section with so many, just so many cocktails!

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