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Dating a Consultant!

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The best way to give closure to something that happened and is not here now is to talk about it, let it out and then make sure that it has left your system forever. I am certainly doing the same thing. Good or bad, I have some tremendous memories associated with one beautiful chapter of my life and probably letting them out – in terms of appreciations or complaints- are going to help me only.

So, I almost dated a consultant for nearly seven years. Well, he became a consultant in the last three years of that tenure but it seems like he has been that forever! When I say consultant, I mean those type of people who are always working with numbers, applying the various statistic concepts, making presentations and helping their clients to make the right(?) decisions.  Yes, that is their life.
Things certainly change for the two people in a relationship once they enter into a new phase of life. Same happened with my then partner as he started to work in this industry. Life completely changed after he entered this consulting business. When people are working so hard, day in and day out, lack of time becomes the part and parcel of life.
However, I never hated this part. I somehow felt that this industry gives a surprise training of being more considerate towards the people who matter in one’s life. The poor consultant will give all the time that is left to make things right that might have gone wrong because of the job that sucks! Once you see your other half struggling so hard to balance everything in life you can not think of anything else but love. The profound love. And trust me, you will never complain about things.
These people, the consultants of this type, have a very weird life. They will be surprisingly up in the odd hours of the day, either travelling to the office or attending “the calls”. It took me a lot of time to get used to the fact that he might be just travelling back from office at 2 am in the night only to take a cab back to the office the next day at 8 in the morning. Yes, so the home is just like a PG for them.
No matter how well dressed and Cinderella-man-types they are during the weekdays, on your date weekend you will find yourself sitting across an oddly shabby guy lost in his world of thoughts. I never felt like saying anything but shower the words filled with pity when he would look at me with his puppy dog eyes and say “I had a long week!” And for all the reasons in the world, I knew that this was no excuse!
I am no expert about the time and space paradigm when it comes to the relationship theory. Time might be an issue but space, never! You will have all the space in this world to do whatever you feel like. Choose any career, go out and have an affair (no, I did not and I don’t encourage that too!), be a secret agent if you wish or just be a quiet social worker, your other half would not be interfering at all. Talk about work-life balance!
Did I say time might be an issue? Oh, it surely is. They will never be on time and will always be running late. And that is just the habit that they admire. You CAN NOT, no no no, just CAN NOT change it.
The Guilt trip. No matter how much you feel at times that they are not understanding the need to make enough time for the survival of the relationship but they are humans too. Yeah, believe it or not, they are! They will turn out to be most affectionate at the most unexpected time because, well, the guilt. Not just that, making up for it comes in different forms – handing you the credit card for shopping or planning a surprise weekend. Life is good when you are with them!
Fancy phones and laptops? Trust me your consultant bae would give them up in no time. No matter what, their phones will always be buzzing with the messages and e-mails which require “immediate attention”. Bye bye, pleasant dates!
They can sleep anytime,  anywhere. If you plan to go out for a drive and you decide to drive, trust me your other half will make the best out of this opportunity and have a sound sleep. And this is not a voluntary action, it just happens with them.
And I saved the best for the last. You will have the most intellectually stimulating and most enlightening discussions with them. They are smart and they can prove it very well. They are way too convincing and will never leave a grey spot in your life.
Dating a consultant is pretty difficult. No matter how much you crib about it, but you will love to be a part of the lives of these kinds of special creatures who dwell in this world. As they say – You can love them or hate them, but you can not ignore them!
  1. Time is cash when you are representative and also you get sucked into Rat Race .

    i can without a doubt apprehend what you wanna say!!! I deal with experts often. and i always used to surprise .Do they have personal existence? What the hell their own family do this they are so sucked up for paintings .

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  2. Time is Money when you are consultant and you get sucked into Rat Race .

    I can surely understand what you wanna say!!! I deal with consultants regularly. And i always used to wonder .Do they have personal life? What the hell their family do that they are so sucked up for work .

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