Month: September 2015

Dating a Consultant!

(This post has been picked up as a Spicy Saturday Pick by BlogAdda) The best way to give closure to something that happened and is not here now is to talk about…

100 Happy Days. Season 2 Episode 3.

I am not very sure if this is working well because I was too depressed during the third episode of this challenge. But no, I am not giving up this soon. This…

Movie Review | Talvar

On the usual morning of 16th May 2008, when we were rushing to our daily work or college or school, a family in Noida stood devasted on the sudden death of the…

Book Review | NRI: Now, Returned To India

NRI : Now, Returned to India by Amar VyasThe story of riches to rags.  This is a fast paced and gripping narration about Amol Dixit who returns to India after almost a…

That #SachiAdvice!

There are not many people in my life who are, well, lucky enough to leave a lasting impression on me that I talk about them here. But, I am lucky enough to…

Website Review | #PaintFinder

(This is a winning post at the contest hosted by BlogAdda.)No matter what kind of a house we have, owned or rented, big or small, we all want it look the best.…

#SoftestForBabySkin – Pampers!

No, I don’t plan to have a baby anytime soon. But somehow, I feel that I have been, off lately, compelled to observe and work very closely with kids.  Firstly, I associated…

100 Happy Days. Season 2 Episode 2.

Another 10 days into the challenge. This time I guess happiness is taking longer time to set in. However, the last days were good enough to find the hope to survive, with…

Laughter is the best Medicine.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” -Milton Berle We often look for the perfect break to get away from the hassles of or oh-not-so-content-life. But we seldom forget that letting our smile have…

Website Review |

For some years now, I can happily say that I am not going to study. After completing 20 years of education, I am still clueless when it comes to advising people about…

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