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We have been two sisters and not that I have always longed for a brother, but there are times when you really think that a brother perhaps is necessary – like when you need someone to pick you up from a late night party without your dad knowing or maybe just beat the s*** out of some guy who tried to even remotely hurt you.But then, you don’t need to have that brother from the same mother, isn’t it? After I was born, I was blessed with this pain in the a**, exactly after 3 months of my arrival on this planet. He is my maternal cousin, but he has been there with me like forever, in each and every situation, trying to make me see the good in the worst of the phases.

Right from the very beginning, things have been done in a very similar manner for us. For example our names – Sushmita and Sushanta. We were taken to Haridwar for the pious ritual of mundanΒ together.

We have literally grown up together – laughing and crying.

No matter how much things we were forced to have in common, we were two entirely different people. He has always been a talented one – being a flawless artist and an exceptional piano player. I was the one who was nerdy and he was always jealous of. Jealous not because I was nerdy. Jealous because I used to score way more than him in school.

Amidst his short trips to Delhi, he would make sure that he meets me at least once!

I have these endless memories with him. Every year summer vacations would mean endless sessions of sitting and drawing. I remember how he would make me sit with a sketchbook and give me a comic book to draw exactly what was drawn there. We would also play some indigenous version of treasure hunt wherein the whole house would be ransacked to make a good place to hide the clues.

Crazy people, we are!

We have grown up together, fighting and loving each other. But eventually, we grew up to realize that no matter how different we are, we are there for each other, without having said anything. even today, I know he is just a phone call away and I can always rely on him.

I am writing this post on Rakhi because that silly brother of mine has to know that I miss him!

Festivals that celebrate such bonds make me miss this special guy of my life even more. When we were kids, the fight was always about who should visit whom. Now, it is just a sad message saying that I will miss you on Rakhi. But then, things are so easy nowadays, that you really don’t miss the fun of such festivals. Our Rakhi gifts and goodies were just in place even this year.

Distances really don’t matter when you share a bond this strong. Technology has made the distances literally vanish. Calls, texting and video calls, they just keep you connected. And this technology has given way to the modern selfie era. All tied up at the office, but taking the li’l time out to see each other on this wonderful day. Sharing my long distance #selfiewithsibling with you guys!

Our Selfie Swag!

Loads of love to you bhai πŸ™‚

  1. Reasons why you wish you have brother πŸ˜› "bhai" actually (if u got that πŸ˜› )
    a lovely post indeed. Can imagine all the masti and fights. (last pic u look like in school dress πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ )

  2. That's a really lovely post :). Even in my case, there are only cousin sisters to contend with. But the fun we all used to have whenever I went to my house in Lucknow was unparalleled. Even today, we take out time whenever possible to chit – chat.

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