Our favourite Racist – WhatsApp.

Before you judge me, I know many of you won’t agree with the title and thus the further blabbering, but I had to let this out.
WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives now. It started with free texting but eventually, with each upgrade of WhatsApp, connectivity and expressiveness became easier. Sharing images, videos, voice notes, making internet calls and hundreds of emoticons made conversation just too easy and interesting.
But, the new upgrade of WhatsApp disappointed me to a great extent. With the emoticons in every colour, WhatsApp is certainly promoting racism. I have mentioned it a lot of times that I am a racist (and not proud of it) but never in my life and in my senses would I be promoting it.

The new emoticons are available in every colour – yellow, white, variants of brown and black. They say that it is to respect racial diversity. They say that people can identify more with emoticons now. But I fail to understand how!

How do my emotions change with colour? I mean if I have to wish my friend good luck and I wish to use the “thumbs up” emoticon, using a brown coloured emoticon will mean that my wishes are more intense because hey look, I am putting across my skin colour to you while wishing?

Having a single colour was neutral because it never ignited the thought that WhatsApp is being a racist by having the emoticons in white colour. But now, they are unknowingly instigating a feeling of contempt in the users. Think about it realistically, isn’t? You might be unknowingly(sic) making fun of someone’s skin colour.

I feel that this step is such a lame attempt by WhatsApp to do I don’t know what. However, I can never hate WhatsApp. And to take things on the lighter note, they introduced this super amazing emoticon that we all wanted like forever 😉

  1. @Pragati
    Indeed! This is hilarious as well as outright attack on the integrity of a world that stands united when using the technology.

    Just an opinion though.

    And thank you for dropping by.

  2. ya, I agree too. While I was first surprised to see it, my immediate reaction was "ugh". I would have wanted more fun emoticons. In fact, yellow was a perfectly fine colour for me.. it remained neutral. Giving shades of skin tones was a step back.

  3. Yes.. it's totally lame.. I had the same thoughts when I saw the upgrade..!! It's like promoting racism.. which is not at all needed, at least here..!!
    You have exactly written what was there in my mind!!


  4. @Shailaja Ma'am, I just hope Facebook and Twitter don't bring in such disappointment. Though we might not be using it a lot, but the idea of being racist in this manner disturbs me a lot.

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