Of bones and Tails!

Ever since Jumpy left us, I gave up on the idea of having a pet any time soon. But then, you come across some people and things in your life that you are forced to reconsider your decision.

I came across this super amazing website, an e-retail for all your pet’s needs and trust me, this is indeed the cutest thing on the internet so far!

Headsupfortails.com is a wonderful website that showers love and only love for you and your pet. And if you are like me, without a pet, you will find even more amazing goodies for yourself. Pet or no pet, you will definitely buy some of these goodies because this website will actually make you think – why should pets have all the fun! 

I got loads of love and surprises from this website, handpicked and hand-packed. Look at the way the gifts were packed, I was touched. Hand drawn hearts on the gift wrapping made me love this concept of pet grooming even more!

I got some pretty amazing stuff from this place – a cushion, a fridge magnet, a cup and a notebook. So the product is of great quality without any doubt. The designers and artists who have developed this product are some of the well-known peeps of Delhi. You will definitely love their vast collect!

Each and everything is just overflowing with cuteness. But there is certainly more to this website. It has got many personalized services for your pets as you will never run out of your dog food after 

you schedule the delivery of it here on their website or just buy the toys to spoil your pet.

One thing which I really, really loved about this whole concept is the WagBox. Who doesn’t like surprises? We all do. And so do our pets. WagBox is an adorable concept, where a personal shopper for your dog picks up various surprises and treats for your dog, fills it up in a box, packs it with loads of love and ships to your home. I found this pretty amusing and useful as you might not always get time to buy the goodies for your pet, but this wagbox service does it for you, on time and keeps your best buddy the happiest!

And not just the this, the Heads up for Tails blog is a wonderful place for all pet owners. Share your stories, read about other pet owners, get enlightened about various everyday pet problems and just share things for fun – this is a complete place for new and old pet owners.

I really hope that you love this website and do share with me your feedback about it! 🙂


  1. I dont think so .I had tried heads up for tails feels like the prices were high and inflated.But I ‘ve been using Marshallspetzone quite a while it is nice compared to heads up for tails in terms of price, quality, service, and discounts. I request heads up for tails to recheck on their price or follow the strategy of marshallspetzoone.com

  2. @Aseem
    Trust me this one of the cutest website that I have come across off lately! Do try some of the products which you like for yourself. And yes, e-commerce is just booming like anything now.

  3. Whoa. So now we have an online shopping website for dog owners / pet lovers etc. as well. Just goes to show that there's a market for so much these days. Am sure it seems like a delight for dog lovers :).

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