House of Cards.

I built my house of dreams,
on the turbulent sea.
I worked on it for so long, 
trusting that it was safe and strong.
Li’l did I know it was a 
house of cards. 
Laid on the foundation of uncertainty,
why did I ever expect harmony. 
I started living in my
house of cards. 
Caught in it forever, 
dangling between goodbye and happily ever after.
Not meant for gambling, was this
house of cards.
But still, I decided to play,
Knowing what all I have to pay. 
Blown away, sank and fell, my 
house of cards.
Trying to win a losing game,
I stand today, lost and with no aim. 
My inspiration for this one!


  1. Beautifully written Sushmita :). Each of the lines is filled with emotions. As Manjulika asked, hope all is fine and you are smiling yet again as always :).

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