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There is always a time in a person’s life when he/she knows that the rock bottom has arrived and there is no place to go. And I take the liberty of saying that probably I have hit a new low this time. How comfortable I am to talk about it right now is another question.

However, whenever this happens to me, after a lot of crying, I usually decide to take things into my hands. This time I have fewer things to divert my mind so I decided to take forward my touched-yet-not-achieved new year resolution of keeping fit.
Earlier this year, I joined Yoga classes to help myself but I couldn’t continue it for more than a month. But now, I have decided to take it up even more seriously. I have a trek planned in the later part of the month and for that, I am building up all the stamina that I can.
Waking up while it’s still dark for a run is eternal bliss. Yes, it has helped me a lot to take my mind off the sad things in life. I then do regular Yoga for 40 minutes and then some weights for the next half hour. Doing your exercise in the morning helps you lose weight. And then, of course, when you are physically this active you tend to get hungry.
My breakfast is pretty sorted. I have my cereals and then rush to work. But the work that I do doesn’t let me have my lunch on time. One very important thing that I have learned is that skipping meals is the most unhealthy habit. It doesn’t help you lose weight at all.
And that was when I came across Rite Bite Max Protein Bar. I am a true believer in the fact that healthy food can not taste good. But these three variants of the protein bar are healthy and tastes good enough for you to not hate them. The three variants are Honey Lemon, Choco Slim and Choco Fudge.
So, why am I writing about them? Few reasons I have. First, they are very filling and take the least time to gobble up. And it is not something unhealthy that you are eating. I am a huge sweets fan, so I often much on to small chocolate or candy, which is unhealthy. But this, it is a perfect snack which is sweet without added sugar. What else do I need? Also, sometimes, if I am running late, I have a bar for breakfast with milk and I am good to go for the day.
The honey lemon flavour is one of the most interesting flavours that I have come across. Choco slim is sugar-free and has a great taste of brownie which is crunchy. And my favourite is choco fudge, which is just like a chocolate candy bar with loads of nuts.
I am very positive that following a good regime of running and yoga, having a healthy diet, drinking loads of green tea and having a balanced amount of nutrition is definitely going to make me fit for the trek that I have planned.
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