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(This post has been featured on Jabong.com)This li’l series of “Dress To Kill” is pretty close to my heart. The only reason why I like to write about some pretty things that I like to wear every now and then is because I have always believed that one wears something to express themselves.

I mean I have never believed in wearing anything that is “in”. I wear clothes in which I feel comfortable. I choose the colours according to my mood. I have always believed in one philosophy – look good to feel good. At times, I am way too low and that is the time when I wear amazingly beautiful clothes in the most vibrant colours so that I feel good.

I love wearing Indian ethnic clothes due to two reasons :

1. They are way too comfortable.
2. They help me feel rooted.

By saying that, I am not saying that I am against any sort of clothing, in fact, I wear all kinds of clothes but I have this special affinity towards sarees and patiala salwar.

For a happy ending, like a college farewell which happened in proper daylight, the bright and happy colour of green-suited the mood as well as was in line with the vibrant environment of a girls college

Also, I always like the subtle Bengali shades and designs for sarees, no matter how big and loud the function is. Because hey, that is me and I am always ready to express that with the help of what I wear.

Sometimes, just a regular day can brighten up by the choice of great colour, matched with another great colour to give the perfect blend to mark a statement.

I have always believed in wearing clothes that define me. And for people like Jabong.com has always been helping to choose and to wear clothes to express – express your true self! #weattoexpress

  1. @Aseem
    You could have at least said that I look pretty in a saree 😉

    And I so wish to to do the 100 saree pact. Let me just make an inventory first 😀

  2. You know your saree pics reminded me of Parul from HappinessandFood who is doing this #100sareepact which involves wearing a saree for 100 days of the year :).

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