First thing first – the title of this post. This is one amazing hashtag that has to trend like for a long time to come. I am just too amazed by this Twitter service by Airtel India that I had to tell you about this.
Let me start from the very beginning. I handle phones really badly. No matter if it is a gift by a loved one or it is one of the most expensive possession, I am a butterfingers and I drop my phone every now and then. So, this landed me up in a situation where I had to buy a phone as soon as possible because I dropped my present phone and it refused to work after that mighty fall. One of the few things that I was looking for in the new phone was 4G LTE compatibility. And this phone that I bought came with Airtel’s 4G sim. I use the phone for two basic purposes. One is, of course, calling people and second is browsing the internet for anything at any time – be it reading articles or browsing some good pictures or maybe watching some funny videos by Kapil Sharma (yes, a big fan!). And I get irritated easily when I have to wait for too long to get these pages downloaded. So that explains why I was looking for 4G LTE compatibility. And for these fast browsing things, even 3G seems slow. And I stopped using 2G like ages ago. I mean who uses 2G today!
4G is actually one commendable thing that has finally come to our phones. It is like the optical fibres of the mobile internet! How fast? You can actually look for it by testing this on twitter. All you have to do is just address the tweet to Airtel India’s Twitter account with this hashtag followed by the name of the app which you want to download. You get a clear comparison.
@AirtelIndia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <App Name>
I did this for one of the crucial apps for every smartphone – WhatsApp. For Android, the size of this app is some odd 25MB may be. I tweeted this tweet and I got an infographic depicting the comparison for the time taken to download this app using the three different technologies. I was amazed by two things – the speed difference of course and the way Airtel people have automated this campaign to actually give you the comparison infographic in less than thirty seconds.

And within a few blinks, I received this tweet:

21 seconds to download WhatsApp! How cool is that! 2G has always been out of the question for me – 73 minutes. Do I need to have more reasons? Go out and try! This is pretty kickass,

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