Giveaways are good, no? Therefore, I host another giveaway on my blog. I will come to that part later. Let me first go on with the reason for hosting a giveaway.I recently came across Garnier’s #7DayGarnierChallenge. I was asked if I would like to take it up. I shivered for a moment. And then agreed because of the credibility that Garnier has created for itself. I am pretty open when it comes to experimenting with my hair because if things go wrong I can chop them off. Shit, that sounded cruel! However, face creams are something I don’t change easily unless and until they prove to be skin friendly.

As we are very obsessed with fair skin tone, this cream comes with a skin tone measuring scale. Yes, Garnier Complete White Cream gives you the fairness that you seek in 7 days and that is the challenge exactly. However, let me tell you about the other things which will make you try this product at least once. First, this suits all type of skin. I have a normal to dry skin type, it suited me well,  It is not too dry or too oily. It gives the right amount of moisture to the skin and instantly refreshes your skin giving you the tinge of fairness. It blends well with the skin and is perfect for use when you step out in the sun because of the SPF 19 PA ++ with anti UVA/UVB that it offers. This is a great BB cream replacement.

Price: INR 160 for 40 gram Pot. 
Shelf Life: 36 Months 

The Garnier Complete White Facewash is another product offered in this range. This too suits all type of skin. The lemon extract makes sure that your cleansing process is a refreshing experience for your skin. And yes, this is the kind of face wash I will carry in my handbag.

Price: INR 145 for 100gram tube
Shelf Life: 36 Months. 

And now, the giveaway part. Register yourself at http://7daygarnierchallenge.com/. Do not forget to mention my name there. Once you have received the sample, use the product, write a review in the comment section below and share the link on your social feed using #7DayGranierChallenge and tag @GarnierIndia and @sushmitamalakar. If your review is liked by Garnier, you can be a lucky winner of an exclusive Garnier hamper! All the best 😉

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