Month: August 2015

Our favourite Racist – WhatsApp.

Before you judge me, I know many of you won’t agree with the title and thus the further blabbering, but I had to let this out. WhatsApp has become an integral part…

#100HappyDays. Season 2.

Yes, life never came with a guide which said that hey, just chill because life is going to be fair. Life is never fair. And it is natural to get upset about…

That Bro!

We have been two sisters and not that I have always longed for a brother, but there are times when you really think that a brother perhaps is necessary – like when…

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

There is always a time in a person’s life when he/she knows that the rock bottom has arrived and there is no place to go. And I take the liberty of saying…

Bhaiya, condom hai?

The answer to this question, if asked at any chemist shop, is yes. It has to be! Because, one it is a chemist shop. Second, annually India produces 4.5 billion condoms. But…


Giveaways are good, no? Therefore, I host another giveaway at my blog. I will come to that part later. Let me first go on with the reason for hosting a giveaway. I…

To a Man’s Heart!

No matter how cliched the title is, it has been proven time and again that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I am not being a sexist, the…

Of bones and Tails!

Ever since Jumpy left us, I gave up on the idea of having a pet any time soon. But then, you come across some people and things in your life that you…

House of Cards.

I built my house of dreams, on the turbulent sea. I worked on it for so long,  trusting that it was safe and strong.   Li’l did I know it was a  house of…


First thing first – the title of this post. This is one amazing hash tag that has to trend like for a long time to come. I am just too amazed by this Twitter service…

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