The Dream Drive with Honda Jazz!

Sometimes, I sit to count my blessings and when I fall short of fingers and toes, I start to recount the important lessons in life. The very first being – you should always count your blessings. And that is how I am struck in a deadlock.
Having a blog that does modestly well is a good thing. And when you get some pretty amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity, because of the very existence of your blog, you should indeed be grateful! The morning of 4th July brought such opportunity to me. 12 hours into the day and I found myself driving across the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway to reach Radisson Blu, Greater Noida for the wonderful event – JazzAtBIC.
The Honda Hangout at BIC.
Yes, you read it right – BIC. The Budhh International Circuit. Till that day, driving on the F1 racing track was somewhere in my to-do list. But li’l did I know that in a few hours time, I will be striking off this from my coveted list. I drove the yet-to-be-launched Honda Jazz on the BIC and that is what this post is going to be about.
The super enthusiastic bloggers, all set to test the new Honda Jazz.
This post is divided into two parts – first, a li’l brief about my overall experience at the thrilling track and second, my review of the much anticipated Honda’s elite hatchback!
The Experience

Any place which is full of like-minded people is an amazing place to be. And this event had 140 odd bloggers coming from different cities of the country to have this thrilling adventure.  I met some people I really wanted to meet. Some new faces and some old faces – but the best thing is that you take new friends and happy memories back with you.
And yes, the endless selfie shoot with the super amazing people!
The BIC is magnificent. With a lap distance of almost 5km, F1 track at  BIC is indeed a dream track for people like me who love to drive! However, for a weak heart like me, the track is surely going to give you a rush of adrenaline and at the same time thrill you too. Driving there is pretty tricky and it is nowhere even near to driving on the roads. There is a li’l briefing that is being given before you set your foot on the track and that briefing scares you a lot. Though I could just touch 120 kmph, the drive was not relaxed for me.

All jazzed up to zoom around.

However, I enjoyed driving on track learning pretty good techniques. I never knew that there is something called “race line” which makes you go faster on a track which is elevated at points and have pretty different and new turns whenever you start to get used to the tracks.

The magnificent BIC.
There are certain vital lessons I learned:

1.       You don’t control the car by using the breaks.
2.       You don’t use the clutch at all for slowing down the car.
3.       You have to hold the steering wheel with both the hands at all point of time.

Pearls of wisdom by the host, Yudi!

They might sound lame. But they are a MUST when driving on the race track and give you better control when driving on the regular, pain and traffic stricken roads.
The Car
This is the better part of the event. The feeling is indeed special when you get a hand on experience of a yet-to-be-launched car from a company that has always remain the premium brand in the Indian auto market.
The super stylish, sleek and sporty All new Jazz.
This car has certainly kept a lot of people waiting. My sister for example, who wanted to buy a city car by Honda waited for this car way too long before buying another car by Honda only in the compact sedan segment. Such is the love for this brand!
Jazz came in a bit late but the new elite car has all the reasons to take its time to get ready and step into the market. The packaging, performance and technology of this car are commendable. There is a better boot space to start with.
The exterior of the car has a sleek and sporty look to allure the target segment that Honda Jazz has decided for itself – the youth. If you must know, you will fall in love with the alloy wheels.
The convoy of the beautiful car.
The interiors are very much like my evergreen love, City. The extended wheelbase gives this car good knee and leg room. The infotainment system has a 6.2 inches display. Also, this car has 12 cup holders. I hope you know the best use of it! And no, I don’t promote drinking and driving. The seats are adjustable from every angle to create as much space as needed.
A li’l technicality of the car now. I drove the 1.5 i-DTEC diesel which churns out a whopping 99 bhp. Pretty powerful, no? The transmission was 6- speed manual and the pick up was just amazing. The NVH level of this car is too good for a diesel car of this segment. Oh, that is the Noise, Vibration and Harshness levels.  The diesel version reached from 0 to 100 in less than 15 seconds.
Though an F1 track or an expressway is really not the best road to test drive a new car, of course, this car is grand when it comes to that semi-luxurious experience. My drive in this car was too good. The car is expected to start from INR 5.5 Lac and that is not at all bad for a car of this segment.  This family car is indeed a delight to drive and ride.

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