Month: July 2015

Book Review | Panther

The Amazing Racistby Chhimi Tenduf-La The wonderful(?) journey of adulthood that was destined to be! I was literally waiting for Chhimmi’s second book after reading The Amazing Racist. And I am so glad…

Genuine “Critics”.

A lot of times it happens that you are enjoying your morning cup of tea (its a bowl of cereal for me) while reading the newspaper and something preposterous catches your eyes…

My Mirage.

My Mirage Are you forge? Are you real? Inside you I see a lot of pain you conceal. You are my mirage because you are too good to be true, Don’t be…

Buddy Parenting

As the name suggests, buddy parenting is when you make your child your friend. That seems like a nice idea, no? But the question is till where a parent should be buddy…

The Dream Drive with Honda Jazz!

Sometimes, I sit to count my blessings and when I fall short of fingers and toes, I start to recount the important lessons in life. The very first being – you should…

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