My City by Me!

(This post has been picked by BlogAdda as the WOW post.)Every time I travel out of the city, I realize that I belong to Delhi. Only Delhi.

Recently, I had to travel and stay in Hyderabad. I was there not as a tourist but to earn my bread, butter and jam. And trust me, that stint made me love Delhi even more. The same happened when I went to Bangalore.
So what is it that forces me to keep coming back to Delhi, with an increased love for it? The answer is pretty simple – if you are a Delhiite, you will always be a Delhiite, no matter what.
I was born and brought up in Delhi. And like every individual with the same background, I too have grown up, cribbing about almost everything about this city  – the traffic, the weather, the Government- and the list is probably endless. People who stay in other parts of India or who have not really lived in Delhi, consider us(yes, I take the liberty to talk for Delhi) to be the unsafest city and that we just rape and kill people. Yes, the rate might be high in Delhi, but that doesn’t make all other cities safe. No city, of the ones I have visited, made me feel safe during any time of the day. People stare at you, people pass comments and people even grope you, so being judgmental just about Delhi is pretty unfair. No?
No matter how much you crib about the traffic in Delhi, trust me Delhi has got the most driver friendly roads. You will never get lost in Delhi. I agree that the traffic here is unbearable at times, but still driving here is a delight. And yes, that is just my love for this city talking. We crib about the traffic police being unreasonably handing us the tickets, but they are also one of those most helpful people to guide you on the roads.
Delhi has a history and heritage attached to it. You can not just count the number of places we have to display the glorious history of this country. Delhi won’t disappoint you if you come here as a tourist. If you are to relocate, no city would welcome you as Delhi would. You can never get bored in Delhi. Delhi has a nightlife too. Delhi entertains people from every stratum of society. I fail to understand why people hate it so much.
This post is not a comparative post. This is about the absolute love that I have for my hometown. And that comes naturally. A person living in Mumbai all his/ her life might not like Delhi at all. And I might not like Mumbai with the same logic. This post is just about expressing my love for Delhi and trying to clear the misconceptions about Delhi.

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