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And that is WIN for short. Recently, I was being accused of being obsessive about my blogging. I felt bad, terribly bad. But then I realized – maybe the accusation is right and maybe the obsession is for good.Or maybe it is not. But right now, I really don’t care if that is not. Blogging has definitely helped me to define myself. I did not take it seriously ever. And if you must know, even today I think that I should not. Why? Because I have come across so many great bloggers in the past few years and I know I write not even remotely close to what they write.

Today, I will be writing about two very amazing bloggers who #MakeMeWIN. Yes. The bloggers who write and inspire me. I am so glad that I met them.

The first blogger who has impacted my life to a huge extent needs no introduction. He is the one who recently brought the truth about the Indian medical system and has audaciously claimed that he would make his daughter a pole dancer, but not a doctor. Yes, I am indeed talking about Roshan Radhakrishnan who blogs at godyears.net.

I wanted to nominate him for the WIN15 awards, but then I realized that he has already won the WIN14 for being the most creative blogger. No matter how much I want other bloggers to win, but I know very well that no one deserves it better than him even this year. He is funny and that humour reflects clearly in what he writes. I am totally in awe of how he jokes about himself and I really, like really, have to learn that.

I met Doc, as I fondly call him -like zillions of his fans, followers and patients- almost a year ago. He was eating his desserts during the BlogAdda party in Goa where I was invited too. We started off with a very serious and intellectual discussion (impression, you see) and li’l did I know that I am in for some serious fun after knowing this guy.

When you meet Doc, he is this usual guy who is trapped in a 33 years old uncle’s body with a jiggly belly (these are his words, I can be even more descriptive, but I chose not to be). But when you get to know him, you will realize that Dr Roshan is way more than just the humour.  I was very intelligent back then, I quickly took his number and we started to talk about here and there pretty occasionally and that is exactly when I lost all my intelligence. You will need a lot more than just brains to interpret his humour and pun. On a serious note, he acted like my life guide disguised as a friend who lovingly calls me the Pink Ninja.

I opened my heart out to this guy and he just listened to me with all the patience that he has. I have freaked out a lot before him. And he was probably the only person who would send me very inspiring things to help me survive through one major hurdle in my life- the placement week in college.

I believe the photograph turned out just fine!

And then one day, I ventured out to his blog. Read all the posts that he has written till date and when I got to know that everything is just inspired by his own life, I took a bow. Everything fell into place. The wisdom that he has and shares without any qualms comes from years of experience of tolerating the most extreme unfairness of life.

Everything that I just wrote about Doc, inspires me to write. They inspire me to always be passionate about what I want to do, no matter what people say. Every session with Doc has inspired me to think more, think sense and care less. Thank you for everything Roshan, you really make me win.

By the way Doc, Snoopy is way more handsome than you can ever be!

The second blogger I wish to talk about is this one lady who even after being an engineer and stuck in a usual job, happens to be the most happening lady blogger I know. I met her at Goa only and had a wonderful conversation at the airport. Manjulika blogs at manjulikapramod.com

I would really love it if she nominates herself for the Travel Blog category in WIN15.

Finally, one good click with my celebrity!

Her life is pretty inspiring to me. I love the way she has used blogging as a platform to make her own identity and do the stuff that she enjoys doing so much. I can hardly remember a time since I added her on Facebook an when she has not posted a picture or post about travelling. She is always travelling it seems! The way she writes her posts is pretty simple and engrossing.

She does not just inspire me to be a blogger who knows her job well, she inspires me to read even more. Visit her book review gallery and you will be stunned to see her list!

Her poems, her posts with a pinch of salt and her take on various things is just like you and me, but we probably can never express it. But she does and does that brilliantly.

I will be glad to see her being honoured this year at WIN 15. She is one beautiful blogger with the right amount of creativity and originality!

I’m blogging for #YouMakeMeWIN to honour a blogger who has influenced me and deserves to be nominated at WIN15.

  1. Nothing can be more overwhelming than knowing that you made someone's day!

    That is very kind of you Manjulika. I hope you keep on writing so wonderfully and keep inspiring 🙂

  2. The best note to start my morning with. Its already a wonderful day for me because you have made me so happy with the WIN nomination. I am glad I have inspired a little bit of you but d larger part in you is a sweet blogger already. Hugs!

  3. The best note to start my morning with. Its already a wonderful day for me because you have made me so happy with the WIN nomination. I am glad I have inspired a little bit of you but d larger part in you is a sweet blogger already. Hugs!

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