Why are Apps so cool?

Today, we live in a world that is practically incomplete without smartphones! And I know I am not wrong in saying that. Come to think of it, if you are reading this blog, you are most likely reading it on your phone. If you have to connect to a friend, you get his or her number and apart from calling, you might be just chatting with her over some chat app or video calling app. Apps are just the future. Or maybe the future is already here?

Let me quote some facts that why apps are going to be the next big thing in India.

All right. So enough of business. But what makes apps good for you and for me? The first thing that comes to my mind is that apps are pretty personal. You can actually customize things that you are using the app for. And its there with you, always because it’s on your phone! We use apps to recharge our phones and the apps know the best plans for us. We use apps to track our daily workouts- as we please. I even use an app to keep track of my monthly cycle! So yes, apps are the most personal thing that fast-growing technology can provide.

More than the app, it is the marketing strategies that are being implemented by any app’s product team that position them as a “cool thing” in a customer’s mind. He will, when impressed and influenced by the strategy, install the app, uses it and then, with a pre-conceived notion, is bound to like it.

I was not an app person initially. I just had the famous chatting app installed and that is it. But then I realized how interesting and simple life can become with these apps – once they are communicated to me in a good and influencing way.

Why are apps so cool? Most of the times it is the way they are projected that makes them so. What made me fall for the app-trap? Let me take my time to elaborate on this.

1. The quirky videos. 
After an app is launched, the quirky, walk-through videos which help you understand the app and want you to install the app, even more, are one of the best marketing techniques an app can use.

2. The Blog
For people like me who blog also love to read other blogs. I have been a constant follower of some pretty good blogs of services which I use often. And then there are certain services who write blogs exclusively for giving interesting value to the customer and not just advertising their products.

3. “Influencer”
When I come across various other people blogging and writing about some app, it makes me want to try that app even more.  Yes, I do that if that person is a really good blogger whom I follow religiously or a friend who can never give the wrong advice.

Or maybe a celebrity blogs or talks about it, you would just try the app and make the endorsement successful, no?

4. Building Conversation Around it
Nowadays, the “hashtag” so nicely solves the purpose of building and letting you follow the focused conversation. Like the #ItsPersonal hashtag did and really made me install the app. And trust me, I am loving every bit of it. Shopping is just so easy!

These are the few marketing strategies that work on me for services like an app. What about you? Which marketing strategy works for you- works so bad that you are compelled to try that product? Share with me!

  1. That's an interesting post Sushmita :). On the other hand, it also reminded me of another post on a blog which I had ready yesterday.

    We are so app crazy these days that our lives come to a standstill when our phone gets spoilt for some reason or the other ;). It's like a part of life ends when something like that happens :P.

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