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We are a week past the mother’s day, but does that mean that we must stop discussing moms and the ways to make her happy? Mother’s love is not confined to just one day. But sadly, we confine our expression of love for her to this one day.
True Story! (9gag on Insta)
But why are we this selfish nowadays? Or has it always been like that? We complain way too much about being taken for granted by our friends or the other half, but we always forget about the epitome of taken-for-granted – our moms.
We know that we will find our clothes, washed and in place, even after we put it in the laundry bag. We know that the coffee mug that we left on the study table last night will be exactly at the same place the next morning, washed and ready to be used. We know that no matter where we keep any of our stuff and forget, we will always find it, we just have to utter the magic word -“mom”. 
Yes, she is indeed the superhuman we all are blessed to have in our lives. We should be thankful and consider ourselves fortunate to have this beautiful gift with us. 
I, at times, wonder if I can ever do anything for her. Of course, moms never expect anything in return, but the kind of life every mom has, the least we can do is help her get de-stressed. Life is pretty stressful for them. Why is that? Because they just do everything and keep track of everything that we don’t even know to exist.
But yes, there are certainly many things that can be done to make a mom’s life less stressful!
1. Help her with daily chores
All right, so I am not asking to do all the biggest of the things to do, but li’l things like dusting the house, or maybe just your room and putting the clothes out in the sun to dry some days can be of big help to her. Or maybe make her the morning tea? 
2. Give her a break from all the cooking for a day
My mom is really afraid to do so because she thinks that my dad and I are capable of ruining her all-organized kitchen. But however, I have done that a few times and my mom just loves the break and the time that she gets for herself.
3. Go shopping with her
Going shopping with mom for her shopping is the best gift that you can give her to bust her stress. Moms love the time that we spend with them. 
4. Sit and talk to her
This is one thing that I do every day without fail. Till now at least. Trust me, your mom will love it too when you sit and talk to her about things that you like and she likes. Also, moms love gossiping!
5. Do new things with her that you know she would like
This can be anything- go to some hobby classes, do knitting, pottery, teach her Skype or anything that she doesn’t know. This actually strengthens the bond that you share. 
6. Give her a head massage
When I was li’l, I would go and comb my mom’s hair. And she would just love it! She used to say that it is the best stress buster for her and she just gets the mental peace that she seeks. So yes, this massage can actually do wonder. And Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy oil can be the best thing to serve this purpose. Just make her sit back and tell her to relax and you give her the most mesmerizing massage to help her de-stress. 
Let me know if there are other things that I can do to make my mom a happy mom, all throughout the year and not just on Mother’s Day.
I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.
  1. I totally agree that they are superhumans who do so much and more without complaining one bit. They don't even ask for anything in return and therefore its our duty to help and support them without even asking about it.

    Only when I started my college life did I realize how protected I had always been. Whatever we achieve in our lives will be nothing really if we don't give back to our parents and support them when they need us.

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