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We have become slaves to the ever-evolving technology. And I know, that is not a very good note to start a post with, but this is one fact that is sad and yet we all enjoy it so much. We know that we are hopelessly dependent on the technology for getting almost all our work done, which is good and bad. Good because of the convenience and bad because, well, as if the human race was not already lazy.

So, I came across this app which can make life pretty simple for all the Airtel mobile network user. The My Airtel App provides a well-integrated platform to manage all Airtel accounts- prepaid, 3G dongle, DTH – simply.
This app is going to be a perfect fit in my so-far-so-lazy-lifestyle because of 3 major features.
1. “Shake” Feature
The best thing about the motion sensing of the smartphones is that many apps have optimised on the “shake” feature. You open the app and shake the phone and there you go – you have the best of offers which come complimentary with any of the recharges that you do. And we all know that these li’l coupons are our source of joy, at times!
2. “I Want To” feature 
For someone as lazy as me, yes, this is one of the best features. I am not very experimental. I have a few sets of recharges. Like I have just one full talk time and one 500MB data card that I use every month. I use no other recharges. This feature helps me save my favourite recharges and thus saves my time by not making me browse through all the plans every time I have to get my phone recharged.
3. Easy and Fast
The user interface is very user-friendly and the money transaction is pretty fast. This app, of course, gives the freedom of recharging anytime, anywhere.
Apart from this, the app offers the following amazing features:
  • Tariff plans of every possible recharge available for your phone, dongle and DTH.
  • All your transaction history.
  • Notification to remind you about your due dates and expiration of validity.
  • Various options to make your payments.
  • Recharge any Airtel number apart from yours and enjoy the special offers there too!
  • Email your bills for all account.
  • You can save your cards to make faster payments.
  • Airtel claims that this is the fastest of all the online app of the similar segment.
  • All the transactions are 100% secure.
As much as I hate admitting how much negative effect these apps have on our lives, I can not admire them enough for making our lives pretty much simpler. If you are an Airtel user, you should get this app on your phone and enjoy the benefits.
You can download the app from

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