Month: May 2015

Write, Inspire and Network.

And that is WIN for short. Recently, I was being accused of being obsessive about my blogging. I felt bad, terribly bad. But then I realized – may be the accusation is…

“Some Changes are for Good”

It took me really long to realize the importance of letting things go. I might not be a pro at it yet, but somehow I know that being resistant to changes serves…

My First Teacher.

As I mentioned earlier, you can never limit your love for mom to just one day. ¬†Here is another tribute to the lady who is my first teacher. First thing first –…

This One is for Her!

(This is a winning post at the contest hosted by BlogAdda.)We are a week past the mother’s day, but does that mean that we must stop discussing about moms and the ways…

Why are Apps so cool?

Today, we live in a world that is practically incomplete without smartphones! And I know I am not wrong in saying that. Come to think of it, if you are reading this…

App Review | My Airtel App

We have become slaves to the ever evolving technology. And I know, that is not a very good note to start a post with, but this is one fact that is sad…

Book Review | Capturing Wildlife Moments in India

Capturing Wildlife Moments in India by Ashok Mahindra The format of this review is going to be different because the book is totally different from the usual books that I read and review.… Mother’s Day Giveaway!

And finally, I host the first giveaway contest on my blog! And no time can be a better for hosting a contest. It is a weekend and it’s the Mother’s Day weekend.…

Travel Bucket List | India. Part 2.

I am still not over my trauma of missing the Jaipur Lit Fest even after being this close. I was way too excited about that trip because of so many reasons. Why?…

Good Guy Bangalore!

I recently visited Bangalore for a much needed holiday! Yes, the travelogue is coming soon. But why did I chose Bangalore? Because my sister shifted there and we had to visit her.…

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