Me and my sister, the two inseparable elements present on this earth.  We combine to open a chatterbox which can never be locked again, we can watch silliest of the silly movies endlessly; we together can raise the entire retail economy with our joint shopping spree, we can together be amazed and then scared to death by the lamest of the horror shows, we can almost explore the restaurant’s entire menu without any guilt. Yes, together we can and we have done what otherwise would not have been possible.
This time we decided to explore the beaches on our own. After the hardship of convincing the mighty family members, we were out on a road trip to beaches. By the time we reached our destination, all tired and exhausted with pollution and heat. We quickly fetched Garnier skin naturals PureActive Neem Purifying face wash and Apricot Exfoliating faces scrub, thanks to the shopkeeper for helping us with this excellent rejuvenation therapy. Our faces were glowing more than before, I first washed my face with Neem face wash and then did a scrub massage with apricot scrub for about a minute and then rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with a towel and here you go, Miss World, to paint the town red!! My sister got so amazed with the results. She is my all time favourite guinea pig, I offered to do the beauty trick on her too. She could not believe how her blackheads smoothed out and dirt was gone like it was never there before.
And trust me, we conquered the beaches – shopping, eating, travelling on the roads, roaming around in the city was so much fun when we knew Garnier pure active is there to keep us Twice as nice!!

When we came back home, mom was amazed to see both of us, we looked fresh and active more than before. Now it is not only two of us but three of us following the 2-minute regime to bring our skin back to life. Using Garnier skin naturals PureActive Neem Purifying face wash and Apricot Exfoliating face scrub daily, not only maintains your skin texture but makes it more vibrant day by day. It is the experience that is speaking.
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