The Li’l Joys of life!

Mashroof the sab apni zindagi ki uljhano mein,
Zara si zameen kya hili khuda yaad aa gya..
All my prayers are with the people of Nepal. They have seen the worst. And at this time of their crisis, all they want is strength- the strength to stay together and strong.
Whenever such a huge calamity, or even a small calamity for that matter, occurs, don’t we all realize how insignificant we are on this earth? We have no control over the course of nature and everything can be destroyed in just minutes. And that is exactly the time when realizing the importance of the Supreme Might of nature and start appreciating our lives.
I sit to write this post with the same spirit of appreciating life and celebrating the li’l joys that come to us every day. Life is not about complaining. Life is not about waiting for the right time to celebrate big occasions. You might not even know and your life goes away from you, without saying the proper goodbye. And that is the sad and the hard reality of life.
Isn’t it just better to love life each day and smile at it every day than regretting later? Sometimes, you might not even get the time to regret.
I have been a whiner, a cry baby, always complaining about things which are probably never in my control. But as I have mentioned in many of my of previous posts, that I have started to love my life and appreciating the li’l joys that it offers. Moreover, I have discovered many other things, call it a leap of faith, that I love doing and they just make me happy.
1. Writing in prose. 
I am not saying that I am good at it, but that is something that I never thought I would do. Because I know I never have that clarity of thoughts and words. But somehow, I started to do that and I really like some of the things that I wrote off-lately.
Sometimes, writing it all is just good enough to have a happy heart.
And yes, a virtue remains a virtue and doesn’t transform into sin, if expressed correctly.
The harsh realities accepted and explained.
My favourite virtue.
2. Drawing
People might call it sketching, doodling or anything else. But I love calling it drawing because that is something I couldn’t do when I was a kid. I can’t do that today as well, but I love to just hold that pen and scribble some lines that make some sense.
Some of my silly strokes!
3. Travelling and Discovering
This is one thing I don’t boast about because I am really not a “traveller” who would just go anywhere and everywhere with one tiny backpack. Well, the backpack part is true somehow, but I have now started to discover the beautiful city of Delhi and places around it. And for this, I really don’t look for a companion. I have done various two days one night trips. The thought of travelling alone was scary and was one of the reasons why I haven’t done that all my life. But I started small and I am glad I did. It makes me happy.
And not just that, now I have started to drag my parents to travel with me. This one is surely fun!
These are the few li’l things that I have started to do to celebrate my li’l insignificant life.
  1. @Aseem

    Thank you so much! And you know what else is my source of happiness? You reading my blog, every once in a while like a devoted reader! 😀

  2. All of us tend to whine about things we don't have instead of being happy about the small things we all have. Whether its living a normal life going to work or school, meeting your loved ones, coming home to family – all these simple things are something one should thank god for each day. Everyone is not as happy as we are.

    You are doing an awesome job with your writing and drawing. Keep it going. I have always felt that such outlets for creative expression keep us happy even in times of distress. And must say travelling has a distinct enjoyment of its own.

  3. Beautiful – reminded me of Sound of music – some of my favorite things. Completely agree with the travel bit 🙂


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