I have always maintained that how phones should be something that defines you. I carry a red phone because red is what defines me. The story is the same as why my car and my specs and everything else is red.But then, there are phones which can totally redefine you and your cellphone experience. The Asus Zenphone 2 is, of course, one of them. Why? Why would I say that with so much of conviction? Well, read on!

1. It is the world’s’ first phone, yeah phone, with a 4 GB RAM. There was a time, not many years back when I was looking for a laptop of that specification. Technology well captured and how! Well done Asus!

2. It charges faster than any other device. Of course, a high-performance device, that is so small, needs loads of power. And in the fast-paced world, when we are all trying to run ahead of time, we wouldn’t be stopping ourselves just because our phones are still plugged-in for charging. How fast? It can reach more than 60% in less than 40 minutes.

3.  Remember how Asus has always talked about their Pixel Master? Their wonderful camera that captures high-resolution images with no shutter lag. What more do you need?

4. The camera is not just capturing high-resolution photos, but capturing photos much better than any other camera, even at night. Even without the flash, as in when required, this camera can capture photos which are 400% brighter. 13MP camera and 5MP camera at that price. Boy, they ain’t kidding!

5. The design of this phone has always fascinated me. Their iconic design elements have been inculcated in the new ultra-thin ergonomic design. The screen to body ratio is 72% and that is just wow! 5.5 inches with 1920×1080 Full HD IPS display, what more do you need?

6. Let us talk about the speed here now. 2.3Ghz 64Bit Intel Atom Process. Need I say more? That makes your multitasking experience seven times faster. And for all the phone gamers, that makes your gaming experience almost three times faster.

7. The Asus ZenUI provides you with a simpler, smarter and more personalized user experience. A 1.5 million user base is proof enough for how well this interface has been doing. And yes, your updates are going to be instant, unlike other phones where you have to wait way too long to wait for the update to come for your phone! And yes, the updates ensure your safety, privacy and security and give you seamless user experience.

8. On the move and running low on battery? Asus has their own 9600mAH high capacity power bank which will charge your Zenphone 2 in no time. As light as 215 grams and as small as your credit card, this phone has definitely found its right companion if you have the power bank too.

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