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My “dress to kill” will be incomplete if I don’t talk about footwear. For a girl like, who has more than 50 pairs of footwears stocked in her shoe rack for every occasion, shoes/ballerina flats/sandals probably are the most important part of any attire. 
Why are shoes so important to me? The first thing that I notice in a guy, or a girl for that matter, are the shoes. The choice of footwear tells a lot about the person. The choice of footwear with what he/she is wearing is another thing that tells a lot about the person’s decision-making capabilities. No, really. 
Summer is the time when one really looks for comfortable and airy footwears. Who likes sweat after all!
I have always felt that men really have a limited choice to flaunt when it comes to footwear. Leather shoes are the ultimate elegant thing to wear, but sadly they can’t be worn with everything. Floaters are something that is, no matter how comfortable, not meant for every occasion. And you have to dress really casual to wear them. They don’t go with semiformal clothes. 
Loafers, I feel, are a solution to everything. They are easy to wear. You just have to slip into them. Loafers are a perfect companion for both casual and smart casual look. They look good when you have to suit up. And you don’t have to wear socks with them, unlike leather or any other shoes. 
Loafers look good with both casual and semi-formal
Loafers, which were initially supposed to be a men staple, has been trending in and out. They became a rage once Michael Jackson brought them back into fashion till the time he ruled the pop music world. Loafers have since then intensified in looks and fashion and have simultaneously diversified into the women fashion world. The loafers for ladies come in many pretty designs and colours and can be worn with both casuals and semi-formal
Loafers, if worn and carried with style, looks good with almost all kind of attire.
Loafers are going to stay there for a long time to come and they are definitely going to keep you in the trend spotlight if you flaunt them!
  1. @Alok
    I know right! They are comfortable and make a trendy style statement! I just love when people flaunt them in the most innovative and stylish ways!

  2. I just bought Loafers few months back and they are so so comfortable to wear, them make style statement too!

  3. Men have a limited choice in footwear as well as clothes too when compared to women :P. By the way 50 sounds like an interesting number. Would love to know how frequently you buy and discard ;).

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