Because Pictures are the Memories.

“You don’t take photographs, you make memories.” 
For me, taking pictures of each and everything is an interest which can never go away. Having said that, I don’t say that I am a great photographer. No. Neither do I click annoying pictures when I shouldn’t be. Oh yes, and I never click the pictures of the food that is being served at the restaurants. Besides these things, I love to capture my fun moments. And as they say, life is unpredictable and those moments just happen. The 100 happy Days Challenge which I took at the beginning of 2015 taught me how important it is to find and capture that one single moment each day that brings a smile on your face. And of late, after my post graduation came to an end, I have become too emotional to capture each and every outing, big or small, that I have gone out with my friends. And to capture that, you can not always carry a DSLR with you all the time. And this obsession of mine always forces me to buy a phone that can make and receive calls and take great pictures. 
I might have talked about it previously also that how I am more tempted towards a great camera and more space on my mobile phone to click and store pictures rather than having n-number of apps. And it is exactly this obsession of mine which makes me take my research on phone cameras to a whole new level. And like always, Asus impressed me way more than any other phones in the market. 

The Asus Zenphone 2 comes with the PixelMaster camera which surely has the best low light feature as compared to the phones of the same segment. Let me very quickly take you through the major specification of the wonderful camera that this phone has. A 13MP rear camera with an aperture of f/2.0 and 5 P Lagan lense, this is surely a treat to the photo enthusiasts like me. What more can you ask for? Actually, you can. Because the front camera is 5 MP with a similar aperture and a wide angle of 85 degrees. Yes, this is also a selfie-enthusiast’s delight! 

The super HDR mode of the PixelMaster Camera makes you take photos with 400% more brightness. Seems unbelievable? See it believes.

Left: Picture was taken from Asus ZenPhone 2; Right: Picture taken from a non-Asus phone
(Image Source:

Not just that, the low light mode is four times more light sensitive and helps to reduce the noise too. And the image processing much better. To increase the light sensitivity, the adjacent pixels are merged and the Digital Image Stabilization technique makes the blurry pictures sharper. The zero shutter lag is just perfect for those multiple shots.

This is what I meant when I talked about my outings with friends. And yes, this sequence is taken by the PixelMaster Camera and yours truly.

And one very interesting fact about this camera is that it fixes the photo real time by giving the photographer the option to improve the complexion, facial features and removing skin blemishes. I don’t think I can really find a better phone with a camera like this.


What more? The phone comes with a 4GB RAM. That is the first for any handphone. And how is that a great feature? Of course, it enhances the speed of the phone and supports multitasking better and giving you a faster camera and more storing space to capture and preserve those beautiful moments.

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