Ads. Ads. And Ads. Part 2.

In the previous post, I talked about my love for advertisements and about my favourite Indian television commercials. So, does that mean that this time I talk about my least favourite ads? (Yes, I can not hate them, really!)No. I would rather talk about a world without the ads, which by the way can be a disaster and some ads which would still make you think that why do ads even exist.

We might curse the advertisements when they run for way too long during the favourite TV show, but you might agree with me that without the advertisements, the world is not going to be an interesting place to live.

No matter how much you love your daily soaps and the cricket matches, a non-stop run of everything will be boring. Boring as hell. Your daily newspaper will be all the more depressing. Your ride from home to the office with your FM radio on will be, well, that will be good because that would mean non-stop music and no frustrating and repetitive ads.

But let us just think beyond that. Without the existence of the advertisements, the products would lose the charm that they have today. By product, I mean any product. You would not come to know about the competitive brand, which might be better, of something as basic as packaged milk with which your day starts. You might just be sipping on to your boring Taj Mahal tea because you might not just get to know about Red Label because you never saw the ad and your neighbourhood Kirana store earns more profit by selling Taj Mahal tea and thus doesn’t introduce to any other tea-brand.

Yes, lack of advertising will thus result in consumer exploitation.

On a lighter side, advertising, in any form, makes you admire the creativity of a few people who comes up with amazingly nice ads. These are the ads which might awaken your conscience, tickle your funny bone or just be a soothing and happily relaxing experience.

During the course of my marketing paper in my post-graduation, I took up the case study of Pepsi as one of the leading FMCG brands and it’s advertising strategies. I was indeed amused by the efforts, creativity and sense of connection with the consumers that Pepsi has put in India.

And that is yet another reason, why I am absolutely in love with advertisements. Sometimes, I just browse YouTube for some good old advertisements which make me nostalgic. And yes, I have hots for the old ads than the new ones which are forcefully imposed on you while watching any YouTube video.

And finally, the part where I will talk about the ads which make you lose all your hopes and faith from the power of advertising.

1. Close up Ad with Ajay Jadeja

I found this ad too silly to be made. I mean why? And don’t miss the over-acting by Miss Basu.

2. Amir Khan’s Chota Coke Ad
Though the ad was directed for the region where chota coke would be in demand, the add was forcefully made humorous. This one undoubtedly makes my least favourite ads list.

3. JK Super Cement

A new level of stupidity in advertisements was achieved when this ad came up. I first saw it on some news channel. And I was like, why? Why? WHY?

Well, the rest of the ads in my list are the completely out of context ads like the Wild Stone Deo one. Advertising is necessary and is best when done right. Completely right.

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