Ads. Ads. And Ads. Part 1.

All right, so I have a confession to make today. All these years, read 20 years, I have been watching cricket because of the advertisements. The end of every over brings a new level of excitement in me because that is the time when they telecast ads, good or bad.And the World Cup has been the time when they launch the new ads! I so love the advertisements. The celebrity endorsements, the witty (and sometimes silly) punchlines, the exotic settings of some and the creative and amazing concepts, all these factors used to keep me hooked to the television set for the whole duration of the matches.

I feel like writing about some of my favourite ads. Here they are!

1. The Dressing Room Pepsi Commercial

I love this add because of the kind of humour it had. And of course, SRK. I am a super fan of this guy and I love Sachin. And this ad was just to perfect, featuring both of them in an entirely different manner!

2. Wills Music Video

This ad was one of those which you can listen to n-number of times. I did not find the video very alluring but the music and vocals by Shankar Mahadevan are so passionate and inspiring that this ad automatically became one of my favourites. Accept it, the tune was catchy enough for you to hum it all day long!

3. Pepsi Commercial Featuring Shane Warne and Carl Hooper.

All right, so I like this ad for the simply silliness. And even you would agree that how cute the firangs look when they attempt to speak our national language.

4. Men will be men Ad Series by Imperial Blue

Each and every ad of this series is so witty and hilarious that I have got no reason to hate them. And no, these ads are not sexist. These ads seem like my life story sometimes. I mean I have found myself in the shameless situations so many times. Taking a particular metro because I spotted a cute guy, or forgetting an important day and then making up for it with the most lavish piece of gift that I could find, yes, I have done it all.

5. ICICI Prudential Ad

Though this one is too long for a television commercial, I like the way every man of a girl’s life has been portrayed here. The ache bande of the ads are the real-life fathers, brothers, boyfriends and husbands. I find this ad pretty cute. It is cute on so many levels that I can let go of the overly soothing song, which irritates me sometimes.

I like it more when people from the non-film and television industry do television commercials. I personally feel that those endorsements connect more to the people. I mean the film stars are always acting, so you can’t really tell if their association with any product is real or not. But then, that is my personal stand.

I love television advertisements and that is the moral of the story.

  1. @Aseem
    Hai na? I was looking for one more ad, but couldn't find it. The eat cricket, sleep cricket- Pepsi's reply to this Coca Cola campaign!

  2. Quite a few interesting ads there. The 'Cmon India ad' and the 'Yeh Dil Maange More' evoke feels of nostalgia. Those were the times :).

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