The Babies!

Let me be very frank. I am not really fond of babies. I am actually scared of them. I can not pick them up. I can not play with them because I don’t know what makes them happy. The babies ageing from 0 to 1 year is scarier.

But things certainly change when you have a baby around all the time. For me, that happened when my brother had a baby. Firstly, it was a difficult fact to grasp that my brother is now a dad. Secondly, it was pretty difficult to understand what would keep the baby happy all the time, so that she cries less and let everyone breathe in peace.

After a lot of observations, I made a list of the things that keep the babies happy. Although my sample size is pretty small, yes, babies are happy when they see or experience the following things.

1. Animals
They love dogs, cats, birds and even lizards. Anything that moves catches their attention. Dogs are the best animal to bring up a kid with. Not only they play with the babies and make them happy, but they also teach them the beauty of love and compassion.

2. Music
My niece definitely giggles and dances to the tune of some really good music. She loves the Happy song by Pharrell Williams. Music pleases the ears and they just laugh.

3. Colours
Babies love colours. When they feel happy while looking at the colourful blocks, it is because they just love how vibrant things are. My niece even picks up the clothes she wants to wear. She is one and I am very sure she picks up the clothes based on the colours.

4. Peekabu
This is apparently the favourite game of all the babies around the world. They just love it when you hide and their laughter after they find you is just priceless.

5. Tickling
Babies love tickling. They will laugh if you gently tickle their tummy or their armpits.

6. Other babies
Babies usually find it pretty fascinating when they see li’l people like them. The other baby’s actions can actually make your baby laugh hysterically.

7. Funny Faces
This one takes a lot of experience. You have to make a hell lot of faces to realize which one funny face of yours really make your baby laugh. They will laugh with the most wonderful laughter after they find their favourite funny face.

8. Parent’s Laughter
Every baby is happy when the mom or dad laughs in front of her. They love to copy them and what can be better than copying the happiness.

And of course, lastly, a baby is happy when he/she is least irritated with the nappy rashes and wetness.

So these are the few things that I could compile. And yes, trust me, nothing can be happier than a happy baby.

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  1. and they love to snatch away spets ๐Ÿ˜› I love kids.. not many cry when I take em.. they play along.. ๐Ÿ˜€ if they start crying.. i just give 'em back and make that face i-did-nothing.. ๐Ÿ˜› but that doesn't really happen often!

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