My Support System.

I have practically lived my whole life with my elder sister. She was already eight when I was born. She has always been around me, no matter what!

And she is the only one in my house who would always back me up for anything that I wish to do. She always supported every decision of mine. She always encouraged me whenever I ventured out into something new. Be it learning how to ride a bicycle or be it taking my music classes, my sister would talk for me to my parents because only she could convince them. She has been my strength all throughout.

When she was married to her man of dreams some six years back, I was happy. I didn’t feel a tinge of separation from her because I knew she was just a phone call away and I can just go and see her whenever I wish to. Then came a time in her life when she and her husband had to move to another city. Even then I was not bothered about the separation because something in my head told me that she’ll back really soon. She did return after some time. And this time, last week, she packed her bags and all her stuff to move to a totally new city. And this time I know, it is for real. I felt the sadness and pain associated with separation. I know that she is not really a phone call away now, I can not go to her anytime I want and she can not come to stay with us over the weekend.
It is sad. And I know this feeling will take time to sink in.
During all the downs of my life, irrespective of the fact if I tell her about it or now, she would just know it and try to help me out in her own way. When I said I don’t tell her, that is pretty natural because of the age and the generation(:P) gap between us. I have always treated her like my elder sister, so yes at times, it gets difficult to share each and everything with her. Yet, she would know everything and try to be my guardian angel. Yes, I know and I am sorry that I couldn’t thank her enough for that.
I have always been her Guinea pig for all her beauty experiments. I am still that! Be it the face cleaning process or playing with my hair, she’ll always make sure that everything has been tried and tested on me! She has always been my armour, for I always hid behind her after breaking my mom’s favourite glass utensils.  Now I miss everything!
I am so glad that I have a sister like her because:
1. I always got the best compliments and much-needed criticism whenever needed.
2. She has been more than a brother to me when it comes to safeguarding me against any bullies. I still remember the times when she used to threaten people in my school and they were actually afraid of her!
3. She has been the best(and worst) person to shop with.
4. We could bitch about anyone and everyone, even though our social circles are poles apart.
5. We have spent most of our times during the holidays watching the silliest of Bollywood movies and laughing our asses off!
6. She has been my unregistered financial support.
7. I have bugged her way too much with my silly things and she never really complained.
8. She is the only person who would appreciate my success without getting even an iota of jealousy in her thoughts. Sibling rivalry never really existed.
There are times in my life when I have to struggle a lot to get even the tiniest of things get done. There are times when nothing seems to work. During those times I get my strength to sustain myself looking at her. She has struggled a lot and has been probably 10 times better than I am in everything.
I might not say this every time, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart, didi. I miss you.
  1. You reminded me of my rivalry with my sister 🙂
    We are thousands of miles away now, so not so lucky to bitch about others easily.

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