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My Undefined Fear

I know I am scared. I know I am afraid. 
I am haunted by my unwanted tears,
I want to know what is that I fear. 
Is it the courage that I lack,
Or is it my past that keeps pulling me back?
Is it because of the people who have hurt me, 
Or is it because of the things that I refuse to see?
Is it the sun that refuses to rise,
Or is it the hope that is willing to die?
I think I fear the person I am expected to be,
I know the thing I fear the most is me. 

Fear, terror, horror- all mean the same. Fear has always been the unpleasant emotion of danger which can be conquered with courage. I am not fearless, I agree. I don’t live at the edge. I just want to courageously face my fear without worrying about the consequences.

I have learned now that it is futile to fight your fears. All you have to do is just face your fear. You don’t need to fight back. You just need to stand strong. I fear multiple things. I fear water, I fear height and I terribly fear closed spaces.

For me, living on the edge is being courageous enough to stand against my fear, without any help. I have failed multiple times and I still haven’t succeeded but I know I shall, one day.

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