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With the onset of summers, I have this impulse of giving my wardrobe an upgrade. Though sunglasses are evergreen, the change of season means a change of shades for me!There are loads of options available to choose from, ranging from aviators to wayfarer to cat-eye, but it becomes highly important to choose the one which goes with your personality as well as face type.

I am in love with aviators with polarized glasses. Aviators are one style of frames that look good on everyone. Well, almost everyone. And of course, polarized glasses are I guess a must for a place like Delhi where the sun shines insanely.

I am surrounded by loads of pretty people who are, I don’t know why, but are sun shades fanatic. And thankfully, they know what to wear and how to carry them!

As I said, aviator glasses cannot look bad on anyone, I have the dude and dudette of my life donning them very beautifully!

So, of course, before you pick up any sunglasses, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

1. They should give you perfect protection.
2. Always choose a style that you know you are COMFORTABLE in.
3. Select the perfect lens colour-they should match your complexion as well as serve the purpose of being your protective eye gear.
4. The lens material should be perfect. If it’s plastic, make sure that the plastic is of optical quality.
5. The glasses should match with your jawline, cheekbones, forehead and yes, eye colour. Always make sure that there is no mismatch between these two and your characteristic features.

Sunglasses are always a must-have for the youth like us. And here is a beautiful picture of my ever colourful and stylish peeps.


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