Celebrate Joy!

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..catching up with a friend after a long time and realizing that you are still the same.
..doing something that your heart truly desires.
..the sound of your name called by someone you love. 
..going to sleep after a long day.
..getting to eat something that you really want to.
..reading to your heart’s content. 
..watching a re-run of your favourite television series. 
..celebrating your birthday each year.
..being able to cry without thinking about anything.
..is to love and to be loved. 
..is the long-awaited weekend.
..finishing the task that you were long stuck with. 
..being with good people you like. 
..dancing like no one is watching.
..enjoying your moment of solitude.
..listening to good music.
..going to an unplanned trip.
..hugging people who really need it. 
..seeing people you love smile.
..being stupid without being apologetic.
..cute puppies.
..a hearty laugh.
..thanking God for everything you have.
..is the ultimate good habit. 
The everyday happiness is so underrated. We all forget that we are responsible for our own happiness, no matter what. No matter how someone else is responsible for the sadness you have or all the problems that you have in your life, but no one is ever going to be the reason for your being happy but you. And even if your life is too much driven by the other people, trust me, nothing is going to be better than making other people jealous by leading a happy and content life. All the things that I just listed are probably the things that you do and experience everyday with a kind of monotony without realizing how blessed you are.
This certainly mean that happiness is not something that has to be chased. Happiness is that butterfly which runs away when you chase it but sits on your shoulder when you turn away from it. Happiness is a choice, a way of life and not an accident. It is the choice that you can make everyday by enjoying the minutest of things, appreciating everything that you have and finally thinking positive and good about things.
This might be going as a preacher’s post but I realized these things in a better way recently. There are few things in your life of which you are always certain about like your family and that one or two people, but when they fall out, you realise that transitory nature of life and that how nothing is certain. Those are the times when you really have to stand on your own and be your own saviour. And that is exactly when you look for happiness in every li’l thing. As they say, feed your body with happiness.

Because it is the International Happiness Day!

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