A World that Could be..

Every day, we complain about 20,000 things that we don’t like around us. But have we ever thought that what can we do to reduce our complaints from 20,000 to maybe 19,999? Or maybe what is our kind of the world, the ideal world, where we don’t have to complain daily?
My blog is surely called “My World” for a reason. It is about things that happen in my world. But today, I sit to write about how my world should be.
Why can’t we have a world which is devoid of grudges and revenge?
Why can’t we have a world where people don’t kill people to prove hatred and not live in harmony to prove love?
Why can’t we have a world where competition exists only to go ahead and not bring down the other person?
Why can’t we have a world where politics never have a negative connotation?
Why can’t we have a world where gender equality is not about sexism and feminism but just “equalism”?
Why can’t we have a world where people don’t strategize for other’s demise but one’s own progress?
Why can’t we have a world where love should not be taught but come from within?
Why can’t we have a world where tears are always related to joy and not sorrow?
Why does everything that I mentioned seems so far fetched and not achievable?
When I sat to think about it, it is probably something in our heads. We always want someone else to put in efforts to achieve ” our” perfect world? Why can’t we do it? Why do we feel sick and tired in the pursuit of our own happiness, if that matters so much to us? No that it is a difficult task, but we probably don’t want to try our bit. Maybe, for once, we can try.
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