A Reason to Smile!

For so many years, that is for almost all the years that we have lived, we have heard that happiness is all around us, we just have to look for it.

There are times in our lives when we just can not find happiness around because either we are too messed up and tried to find that happiness or too sad to breathe in the optimism that is around us all the time. I try to steal the li’l moment of happiness that I could when I need to look up and smile. I realized that life is more about thanking the universe for the wonderful things we have than sulking about the things that we don’t have.For me, the pile of unread books in my bookshelf is my source of happiness because books are my escape into the world that is far more better than the world I live in at times. Meeting someone who reads the same book as I do takes my happiness probably to a different level. A huge library is another source of happiness. Sometimes, standing peacefully at the rooftop is all I need to smile. Looking at my bunch of friends when they are around alone is enough to make me forget my eternal sadness for a few moments.  Listening to music or talking about good music is one bottomless source of happiness for me when things are not working out otherwise in my life. Getting up early in the morning just to see the sun rising and wishing my sun to rise soon is also optimism that is around and we all tend to miss.

Sometimes, cuddling a street dog who is probably as much love deprived as you are can help you smile. A smile, a hug from loved ones is all you need to be happy. Going to the park and watching kids play is a good thing to do because that makes you realize how random and tension free the world can be. It is great to just go out someday, to a place far enough, in the lap of nature and enjoy the beauty, the peace and calmness to feel good and positive.

Staring at the night sky can be happiness. I have recently joined yoga classes – that is my escape into the peaceful world. Every day that gives me new hope and optimism.

And finally, standing up for yourself can bring the ultimate happiness that you have been looking for. Standing up for what you want, what you think and what you support require a lot of courage and passion. But once you do that, you know that you did the right thing. And that, exactly that feeling, gives you the happy story that you need to smile at life and live.

The world is full of optimism, love and happiness, all we need to do is just stop and look for them.


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