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No, this post is not about the rotten society we live in. I have decided never to write about it. Yeah, you can call me those cribbing creatures who- say- a- lot- and- not- do- anything, I am fine with it. My writing is not going to move the world. If people are stupid and living with a mental block, nothing can change it. Been there, done that.
This post is about what I would really love my daughter to know – the very things that my mom taught me and are timeless.  The reason for me to give lessons to a daughter, of whom I am not yet sure of because there are loads of uncertainties. What if I don’t plan to marry? Or what if I end up having 100 sons(Mahabharata much, yes!)? Or what if I decide to adopt only sons because I want to impart loads of wisdom to few of the male variant of the human species? The answer is quite simple: because I don’t have any younger sister and it is too late to wish for one. So wishing for a baby daughter seems more probable than wishing for a baby sister.
1. Eat.
It is okay to grab the extra slice of pizza or to gulp down some large fries.
2. Drink.
Drink anything you like. Even if you love beer or scotch, go ahead. Ladies’ drinks are not necessarily your drink.
3. Love.
Love everyone. Unconditionally. Always remember, the world is really like an echo. Yes, in a true sense and in every sense. Alternatively, Karma is a bitch.
4. It is okay to be confused and indecisive at times.
5. It is completely okay to form judgments – as long as it doesn’t affect anyone.
6. It is not forbidden to have loads of guy friends and confiding in them. Some of the better friends are always the guys.
7. But it is forbidden to friend-zone a guy. Or many.
8. You can love History and Literature and hate Science.
9. You don’t have to smile if you don’t mean it. You don’t have to accept what you don’t want to. It is about you too.
10. If you cry, mean it. If you shout in anger, mean it.
11. It is okay if you seek attention. But you really don’t need it to survive or to live.
12. You are a girl. You can PMS 365 days a year. It is totally okay.
13. A perfect fit bra is a necessity.
14. Chocolates don’t solve any problem. Eating or Gifting.
15. Travel like crazy if you wish to. Don’t let anyone stop you. Not even me.
16. Exercise to stay fit. And strong.
17. You don’t owe an explanation always. Stop justifying your choices.
18.  Respect elders.
19. You don’t need a boyfriend to validate your existence. You can stay single and be you.
20. Sleeping around is not a joke. Learn from the mistakes. Always.
21. You really need to wash your face twice, put on loads of sunscreen before going out in the sun and brush your teeth twice a day. And none of the above is optional.
22. It is okay to fight with people and dislike a few in the course of your life.
23. Cooking is not a necessity. You can survive and eat healthy without being a master chef!
24. Follow your dreams. Chase them. Run after them. – no matter what.
25. I am always there for you. Always listening. You just need to tell me everything.
As of now, I can only think of these. If I have a boy, the only thing I want him to learn is – Respect women. Rest can be taken care of.

I wrote this post long back. It was posted here for NSV’s blog. My first ever Guest post, thank you NSV. I thought of posting it here too because this post is really close to my heart.

  1. Super strong messages to a sweet soul (whenever she will come into existence). And I admire your effort. I agree with the points you have shared. May the uncertainties be certain according to your wish 🙂 All the best!

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