Asus Zenphone the Valentine

Right exactly when the air is full of romance and love, there are people who are embracing the fact that they are not having that “the one” on this particular day. And then, I came across this:

To me, from me. Isn’t it beautiful? Sometimes, you just need to be with yourself, love yourself, gift yourself, pamper yourself. And this is exactly something you will love to gift yourself. An Asus Zenphone. Why it can be a perfect Valentine? Let us see.

1. Long Battery Life
Battery life is apparently the most important thing that you need in any smartphone nowadays. When you have to spend all of your time with your phone, a li’l bit of browsing or playing a game can kill it. But the Asus phones have long-lasting battery life. Play music, play your favourite games, browse unlimited and this phone will not let you down. Even people get tired, but this phone would not.

2. Highly Affordable
They start from Rs. 5,299. Talk about low maintenance and affordability, this phone is certainly the perfect example. This is literally “dirt cheap” for a smartphone of that quality! Why wouldn’t someone feel pampered?

3. High Performance
Compare it with other phones, and you will totally understand what I mean. Powered by an Intel Atom Processor with Hyperthreading technology, you can have four threads running simultaneously, webpages download faster and you can seamlessly switch between apps.

For a person like me who gets bored really easily, I guess this is pretty amazing. I might suddenly feel bored of browsing Instagram and I want to switch to some news App and then to my eBook app, no other phone can support that this well.

4. The Camera
 The 5 elements optical formula used in the high-quality camera of this phone is a perfect companion for the people who love to capture each and every good memory. Or maybe for those self-obsessed people for whom clicking selfies is the best past time.

5. Zen Accessories 
The wonderful protection of the Zen phone cases come in vibrant and beautiful colours. They keep the phone safe even during the greatest bumps and knocks. In addition, they define your style too. Talk about the perfect arm candy!

So, isn’t this a perfect Valentine for anyone? For me it is.

Sometimes, it is important to just be you and be with you. You don’t always have to depend on someone to make you feel special. You don’t have to be with someone to validate your existence. The quiet time spent with self is the best time. And when the world is celebrating the spirit of love, why shouldn’t you? Self-love, after all, is the only love.

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