I have a very close relationship with this word “solitude” and thus the state of solitude. Before I go on about it, let me quote what the general definition of solitude.

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Sadly, solitude is so much related and used with situations which are sad, remorseful or unwanted. But for me, solitude has always been a bliss. Excess of everything is bad, I agree and excess of solitude might lead to depression but even then, I have always embraced the state of solitude in my life.

I don’t have a lack of family or “friends” in my life, but at times, socializing is a waste of energy. And time. And efforts. Not everyone is worth those. And I am bad at judging people. A gullible blob of flesh, that would be me.
The opposite of solitude is, sadly, not being surrounded by people. Even when you are with people, you can clearly be in the trance of solitude. You don’t like the company, you don’t wish to be with anyone.
Sometimes, reading a book with a cup of coffee is all I want to feel good. It makes me feel heard. Though I don’t know how exactly, but it does. Sometimes, listening to some pretty songs does the trick.
Sometimes, my solitude is a curse.
My parents and friends think that I talk a lot and mix well with people. I talk to forget. To forget the things that keep me in my distress. But it doesn’t help. What helps me is my solitude.
Solitude has been my friend since long. When I look back in time today, I realize how sad it was but today the meaning of solitude has changed for me. I enjoy being on my own in my room. I enjoy travelling alone. I enjoying sitting at a lake-side and appreciate the calmness, alone. Maybe that is the way of life I have accepted. An acquired taste, yes.

So what exactly do I do when I am in that phase? Firstly, I don’t over think about any situation. Then, I don’t overestimate the reasons that somehow or the other make me sad. Thirdly, I never compare myself with anyone on this earth. Fourth, I can empathize with people who are sad.  Fifth, it gives me the peace and rests I strive for. Next, I do things which I love more like writing, reading and loads of other stuff. It helps me give time and space to people who matter. It also helps me to understand people. A lot.

Sometimes though solitude creates distances between people, I am good at dealing with that. At least,  I think so!

The greatest lesson that I have learnt so far that solitude is very, very different from loneliness. And they should not be confused. You should enjoy solitude, but get help when you are lonely.

This post can be found on the In(di)Spire Edition 49.

  1. gullible waali line 😀 😀 haha! There's such a huge list of what you do in solitude.. seems like the best productive time 😛 Yeah…yeah, socializing is a waste of time 😉

    On a serious note, a good post Sushmita!

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