Quikr NXT.

Another of my Quikr post. I am completely smitten by the internet revolution. Who isn’t?
And, according to me, how the digital marketing space has given a new face to shopping is just amazing. From retailers to re-sellers, digital space is definitely a boon. Even as a consumer, my life has become pretty simple in introducing online store for everything. It is actually for everything. 
Many people might call Quikr the new age kabaadiwala, but I really beg to differ. You don’t sell the stuff gone bad on Quikr. You just sell the things that you no longer use. Also, this is a wonderful thing for people who lead a nomadic life because it makes relocation really simple. Also, I find Quikr a good place for local artist and entrepreneur to sell their products to the local customers they target, without any third party involvement. 

Keeping up with its excellent work, Quikr has taken the revolution to the next level with Quikr NXT. They have introduced this chat feature while dealing with the buyers/sellers if you put Quikr to good use. This I guess is a pretty amazing thing because of many reasons. Few of my many reasons are as follows: 

1. Privacy Quotient
I have always been really sceptical about sharing my number on websites. Who isn’t? But once you share your number, you actually receive calls during odd times, people ping you on messaging apps and even send you texts. At times it is annoying. And once they have your number archived, they even ping you back without reasons. This has happened to me a lot of times. 
Having your own username and chat service on this website is pretty good. And it keeps things simple and separate.
2. Pretty Organized
Now you really don’t have to search your emails/messaging apps to look for any details of the buyer/seller or revise any conversation. A separate account keeps these part of your life separate and pretty well organized. 
3. Convenience.
Even though I agree that nothing is quicker than a phone call, but a chat service gives you the freedom of contracting at a time of your convenience. Moreover, it doesn’t disturb the other person sometimes, it happens that I am not really available to pick up a call. So, this thing is pretty good without compromising on one’s privacy.
So, Quikr is actually moving quicker to have the first mover’s advantage. Surely, the technology is ever evolving and so are the market players. But whoever keeps up the pace with the immediate needs of the consumers takes the cake (the baker and the bakery!). 
I am definitely in love with Quikr when it comes to selling the things that no longer serve any purpose for me but are in great condition to be disposed of. As they say, No Fikar, Bech Quikr!
For more details, visit http://www.quikr.com/.
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