Happy Hair Challenge. Part 1.

Many times, I have been suggested to be an hair – expert blogger. Not fashion, not make-up, not beauty, but just hair! Well, I should feel sad about how people think that I can not be a good make-up or beauty blogger, but that is just trivial when I get appreciated for my hair. Remember, I told you about my love for my hair?

I have beautifully long and voluminous hair which is onyx black and wavy. And I am always convinced that I need to take a lot more care of my hair than I already do. But is always time consuming, trust me, it is.

The only problem I face with my hair is hair loss. My hair is weak at the roots, so every time I comb, oil and shampoo, I am a step closer to becoming bald. That is my nightmare. And that is the only problem I face with my pretty tresses. My hair is not dry, it doesn’t have any split end problem and they are not rough. But yes, at times, they tend to be pretty frizzy.

So there you go, a brief bio of hair. Now, let us come to the challenge, that is the title of this post.

I came across this new product launched by Garnier. The range is called Triple Nutrition. I have not really used Garnier shampoos because of two reasons- I always go for mild and non-detergent based shampoo and old and reliable brands are more appealing to me. But the advertisement was catchy enough for me to take the Happy Hair challenge. The challenge takes part in 3 steps. I have t use the shampoo for 30 days and evaluate my hair thrice- once before starting to use the shampoo, one after 2 weeks of using the shampoo and one at the end of 30 days.

Doesn’t seem difficult, right? Right now my hair are weak and pretty frizzy.

I am pretty smitten by the claims of this particular product. Not that the claims are something new, but because of the fact that it uses oils, three different oils, to complete those claims. I am a huge fan of oiling hair. I use coconut oil all throughout the summers and olive oil all throughout the winters because oil prevent rough and dry hair and also the split ends. Oiling twice every week is a task, but for my pretty 100 billion peeps, everything is doable.

How good are these three oils? Let us check out.

Yes, this is convincing enough. What is even more convincing? The price. It is listed at INR 135 for 170 ml of shampoo. The listing is the same for the conditioner.

The result claims of better nourishment to the scalp, hair and tips. I believe stronger and smoother hair will definitely help me get over my fear of getting bald.

The packaging of this product range is classic Garnier and the fragrance is the right amount of mild.

I look forward to using this shampoo! Let us see how well it tames my mane!

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