The IndiSpire Edition 46 came up with a very interesting topic which has the following description:

Define good girls… Everybody has an opinion about a good girl…so what’s yours? #GoodGirls

Now, for a truly hypocritical society like ours, this is indeed a topic which can bring out the true face of many people who claim to be “open minded”. Now that was another subjective term, wasn’t it?

Let me start this post on a really light note :

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If I ask you to do this experiment and put your status on social media platforms asking to define a “good girl”, trust me you will be amazed to see the amount of hypocrisy and confusion.

Some people will say who never cheats, some will say who never lies, some will say who is obedient and some will even say who is beautiful. But do these things really matter? I mean come to think of it, how does that matter to anyone if someone has to lie for his/her own li’l motives. Subjectivity is such a huge thing here. Everyone is selfish and it is okay to be selfish as long as you ain’t hurting anyone. Anyhow, that is another story,

For me, a good girl is just the one who respects herself and is confident enough for her actions. In the end, she should not feel bad about any of her acts. The society’s opinion should not matter. As long as a girl is happy being herself, she is a good girl.

And yes, that is the end of my discussion.

  1. That is actually the favourite hobby of the brainless losers of the Indian society – moral policing.

    It is always about being good and doing good, to one's own level of contentment. No one else has a right to judge!

  2. Seriously, have never understood this concept of good girl and bad girl. In my opinion, it's all about being a good human being.

    It's upto a person on what he / she does. Wonder why does the society act as the moral police to label a person as bad or good :O.

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