Once you have a job, you start dreaming about getting yourself everything – new house, new car, a new wardrobe and maybe just buy anything and everything that you wish to buy. 

No matter how much I love my present car, which is red and stylish and not to mention – cute, the fascination of buying my own “first” car is inevitable. Now that I have a job even before getting done with my final semester, so the dreaming phase is pretty obvious. 

I usually sleep off while thinking about my “realistic” dreams and then dream about them.

This time, a li’l and pretty fairy came in my dreams. Why? Because I started my education with a school named Little Fairy Public School. And now, the purpose of starting my education is almost solved, so probably that is the reason. 

My li’l fairy

My dream was all about me telling that li’l fairy about my dream car. I tend to be really logical in my dream. I told her how I want my first car to be a hatchback since city cars are supposed to be like that. And also, my future husband would buy a sedan. Secondly, for me, the looks of the car certainly matter a lot. Even if it is an SUV, it has to be pretty. Then I told her about the maintenance factor that how it has to be a low maintenance vehicle since my present car is pretty high maintenance. 

To my surprise, the fairy did not say much, but only that I should just wait for it, something good is supposed to happen soon. 

I got up with my mobile phone buzzing. It was a Gmail notification. What was it about? Read on!

My association with TATA motors and BlogAdda has been pretty exciting. The last time I participated in their activity organized for bloggers, I had this wonderful experience. 

So, the second time BlogAdda mailed me with their latest activity in association with TATA Motors, I was pretty excited. It was about the pre-launch of their latest wonder, the Bolt.

I without even thinking twice, registered for this activity and within a few minutes I got a confirmation. I was ready to #GetSetBolt. 


Juggling with my last semester at college(yes!), I decided to go check out the Bolt Arena at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. I chose that because of two reasons  – I love Cyber Hub and I prefer weekdays. 

So I set out for Cyber Hub which is a good 15km drive from my college just to catch up with the new car. It is the hatchback version of the wonderful Zest, which I loved. 

Tata definitely chose a great place in Gurgaon for their Bolt Arena because Cyber Hub is really lively even on weekdays. 

The car on display took my heart away. Why? Because it was red in colour. But anyhow, I will quickly take you through the best features of this car. 

I am sure by now you must be convinced that the Exteriors matter a lot to me. So the fluidity of the design is a good take away point for me. 

The breath taking exterior look!

The projector headlamps definitely make it stand apart. I mean those few things which you look first and you go “wow!”.

The hatchback comes with a piano black shoulder covering which gives it a sporty look. And I am in love with li’l cars with a sporty look. Even my car has a roof spoiler for that matter. 

Enough said about the exteriors. Let us move inside of the car. The interiors of this car are pretty much to my liking. This car is pretty spacious but that is something a solo driver like me is less bothered about. It is good enough to fit a family of five and with great leg space. As a driver, one would definitely fall in love with this. 

Moving on, the one thing that I loved about ZEST and is inculcated in the li’l version as well is the multi-drive mode.

I mean this is just perfect. Fuel efficiency is a must and since I am a petrol-engine fan, that is definitely necessary for me. No matter how much the oil prices drop, petrol is never going to be cheap. And of course, the diesel engine of Bolt is not impressive as that of Zest. So the Eco is the mode that gives the maximum fuel efficiency. For Delhi traffic, the city mode is perfect for the alternate density of traffic. And of course, the sport mode will give that extra burst of power. 

The fourth feature that I would like to mention is the cars Touchscreen Infotainment by Harman which is based on the ConnectNext idea. Of course, who will not be comfortable using the GPS on this perfectly fitted infotainment system rather than juggling between the steering wheel and the smartphone? And it works on your voice command too and you can even make phone calls using that. Back to the Future, anyone?

And lastly, the safety feature of the car is certainly something you can vouch for at this price. The 9th Generation ABS and the corner stability corner is something pretty impressive. I am already driving a car without an ABS system and I know how necessary it is at times. 

So, my visit to the Bolt arena was pretty enlightening and kind of about bringing my dream come true. Remember my li’l fairy and when she said that it will be soon enough. Bolt seems like a perfect first car!

And finally, my picture with this gorgeous piece of engineering! Yes, call me self obsessed. 

This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.

  1. Looks to be as amazing as Zest :). Would have loved to participate in this contest. Sigh.. ! :/

    Well, I can reminisce those Goa days and smile :D.

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