2015: Another year of Resolutions.

For once, I start a year with no expectations from it and from anyone for that matter. I am not going to promise myself big things that I might not do anyway. This time, I am going to be simple and realistic.

1. Be kind in every relationship. Not to mention, be least expecting and deliver only what I can and as I please.

2. Greet each day happily and see only the good things out of everything. I know that is hard, who knows it better than me, but I can at least try. To start with, I will take the 100 Happy Days challenge. (Better late than, never!) No matter how a day is, I will appreciate at least one good thing about each day for 100 days. (Thanks for the genius idea!). And I will post about it every day.

3. I will try not to hang on to my past, anymore.

4. I will be a better blogger. 2014 was amazing for me as a blogger. I will make 2015 another amazing year. I will blog more and post good stuff. And yes, add successfully to that as well. Successful blogger. How I define that? That is another story.

5. Welcome and embrace the new life that awaits me this year with all the grace and dignity I have.

That is about it. I am as content as can be today. I hope to remain that way for a long time, read the next 365 days, to come.

  1. Happy new year Aseem! And thank you for your lovely wishes.I am glad you consider me to be amazing :p

    And yea, the 100 happy days challenge is at least making me happy before I go to sleep every night 🙂

  2. All the best for a lovely 2015. May you succeed in all that you wish for and more :). I am sure you are already an amazing blogger :D.

    Love that you are taking the 100 Happy Days challenge. It's an awesome initiative which teaches us to see the positive things in our lives.

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