(This is a winning entry at a contest at BlogAdda.) “Second chance”, probably the most heavy phrase that exists in almost everyone’s dictionary. At some point of your life, you give second chances to most of the situations or people. And sometimes, there is the boon of innumerable second chances to certain people and situations. […]

Quikr NXT.

Another of my Quikr post. I am completely smitten by the internet revolution. Who isn’t? And, according to me, how the digital marketing space  has given a new face to shopping is just amazing. From retailers to re-sellers, digital space is definitely a boon. Even as a consumer, my life has become pretty simple with introducing online […]


I have a very close relationship with this word “solitude” and thus the state of solitude. Before I go on about it, let me quote what the general definition of solitude. Image Source Sadly, solitude is so much related and used with situations which are sad, remorseful or unwanted. But for me, solitude has always […]