The Truth about Lies!

In these 23 years of my life, one big fact that I have learned about life is that everybody lies. Big or small, good intentions or bad intentions, lies find a special place in our lives.
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A lie is a lie. There are a few things that my parents always taught me about not lying. They are as follows:

How true is that? This actually refers to how one has to lie again and again to hide one initial lie. Lying once actually plays with your peace of mind. You are always in the guilt of lying, no matter for what cause it was. You are always scared about someone finding out about your lie. And that is the only reason I avoid getting into situations where I have to lie. It plays a lot with my mental peace. I am not saying that I don’t lie at all. Sometimes, it is just inevitable but yes, I avoid.

I remember this one time in college, I was coaxed by my friends to come out for a night out. I just couldn’t have lied that big to my parents. I refused at first because I knew it is going to be really difficult for me to lie about this matter. But then one of my friends, whom my parents trust a lot, called up my dad and convinced him on the pretext of an overnight assignment.

Since it was a winter evening and it was already dark, my dad offered to drop me and my friend to college. And then he left his clinic, drove back home and picked me up. On our way, we also picked up my friend. I was guilt-ridden.

My dad took all the pain so that I could complete my project on time. Just for your information, my college is around 30 kilometres away from my home. That is huge given the amount of traffic Delhi has on a regular day.

It did not feel right. He is doing everything so that I don’t face any problems. He told me that he wouldn’t have wanted me to drive at night in this traffic, get tired and then work on a project whole night. My eyes filled with tears.

We reached our college. I proceeded to the hostel where my other friends were waiting. My dad left. I was on the verge of crying. I felt bad. I called up my dad.

“Dad, the project deadline has been extended. I think I will go back home. Please wait.”

Those were the only thing I could utter. I lied again. But this was one thing I did to control the damage. I couldn’t have enjoyed a bit with this heavy guilt. He did not say anything and we drove back home.

It’s a half lie and no, I am not proud of it.

But I learned a valuable lesson to never to lie to my parents again. No matter what. Till date, I did not tell him the truth about the night out that could have happened.

My parents believe what I say and it is my responsibility not to take advantage of this fact. Losing their trust is probably the worst thing that can happen to me.

But yes, being truthful gives you a different level of mental peace and satisfaction. A guilt-free life, yes, that is what we all dream of!

Before I sign off, two very important things about lying that my parents taught me, again :

My lying again did not make truth and I will always be guilty of the fact. I am sorry Dad!

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  1. This actually reminds me of a story in Tinkle- khud ko dhokha! And yes, expecting a person to be truthful always is a foolishness. What one can expect a person is to be truthful to himself! 🙂

  2. haha I just saw this ad a few days back, pretty apt for the blog. I guess the biggest lie to avoid is to lie to ourselves. It is not as easy to decipher as it sounds but we all do it sometime or the other. One my favorite professors N.L. Sachdev would often say to us when we copied assignments in bachelors " Don't lie to yourself, you are cheating yourself". If only we could follow these lines all life.

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