The Day Humanity Died.

16th December 2014

No words can describe the horrific and inhuman act that took place on 16th December 2014. God’s own people, the little and the innocent ones, were brutally murdered in broad day light in an Army School in Pakistan.

The world is not nearing an end because of some ice-cap melting or some comet hitting us soon, it will end because we have forgotten what humanity is about. While the parents of the kids who were killed mourned their death, we decided to trend some hashtags like #PeshawarAttack and #IndiaWithPakistan.

What did it do? We ended up having a glorification of the most unfortunate event.

Some said Karma punished Pakistan. Some said its a great political conspiracy. But didn’t they see that those 142 people had nothing to do with it? The only sin that they did in their entire life probably was that they belonged to a family of the protector of their nation.

Humanity is dead. I am not asking this question at all. I believe this totally. What I ask today – Is rationality dead too?

A group of people teach you about your religion. Are you fool enough to believe everything they say? They raise you against your own family. Are you so irrational to follow them? Doesn’t your soul die each time you think of killing an innocent soul? Are you so stupid to believe that you were put on this earth to kill people and get killed for nothing? Are you blind enough to believe a group of people, who call themselves the Taliban, who don’t value your life even when you surrender your life to them for the evilest cause on this earth? Are you so irrational to even understand that the cause is not in the name of any God, but the certain psycho motive of some inhuman creature?

These questions have no answer. Terrorism can never be ended. There will always be a small chunk of people who will exaggerate the li’l hatred they have against an even smaller group of people.

People say that not all Muslims are terrorists, but every terrorist is a Muslim. I condemn this. Like love, hatred has no religion. No hatred is taught in any religion. These people perceived their religion in a wrong manner. They perceived Jihaad in the wrong manner. Therefore, the religion that they follow and preach is not Islam. It is something that they created on their own.

For once, I have no one to blame for the horror that stuck Peshawar and consequently the world on 16th December. I have finally given up. My heart cries for those innocent kids. My soul prays for them. All I want to believe right now is that they are at a better place. The earth was surely not meant for them.

  1. @Aseem
    Even though I agree with you completely, but I know that it is practically impossible for people to not bother about religion and castes.

    You and I could be okay with anything, but there will always be people who have nothing better to do than fighting over religion.


  2. I sincerely hope that we do have a day when we all can actually live in peace and not bother about caste, creed, religion and the likes.

    Hopefully this thought doesn't just stay in books and speeches.

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