Rediscovering Passion!

And yes, another is about to end. That was just really pessimist of me to say, no? I could have said that another year is about to come. Well, that is a mean optimist with way too many real-world experiences. Today, however, I am writing because there is one thing in this world, that used to be my passion, but is gone somehow. I may have been writing it down in my new year’s resolutions list since the last two years, but I have been acting up to lazy at times or I am just giving myself excuses of being way too busy. But not this time Malakar, not this time.I am not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but I happen to been trained in the Hindustani style of music for some 5 years. That was the time when I used to have that passion to learn and understand music. And that sadly has been reduced to just listening to some good old country music now.

I gave up on my training after my 10th standard because then, according to my parents, things start getting real and I should really focus on my studies and my career and become something. By that, they meant big, professional degrees in medicines and sorts.

I did that. You do things for their happiness. I still do. And I am happy about doing that. But in the transit, I promised myself that I will keep practising music and keep my passion alive. I coaxed my parents to at least let me go to the Guitar classes once a week. They agreed on the condition that it should not clash with my time of studying.

Well, for the first few months, I was one dedicated 15-year-old girl. I would get up as early as 5 in the morning and practice the guitar with my singing before I went to my one-hour guitar class at 10. My teacher there said that I was a fast learner. I was glad. And I was glad that I managed to do fairly well in my coaching institute too.

And then, I got busy in topping every test I had to take in my coaching centre and school. I forgot about my passion somewhere and then life became too busy to handle.

And today, after almost 9 years, I realize what sort of a fool I was. I have been promising myself to give time to my music all these years but I was successfully giving myself reasons to not to do it. My guitar lies in one corner of my house, peacefully.

And it has my name carved on it, beautifully. Yes, it is a gift.

Now I have everything that people around me desired. Two big fat degrees(soon), and hopefully a good career, on which I was supposed to focus then. And thus, I have decided, not to give myself any more reasons. I will follow my passion. I will rediscover it. And your passion is for you. Your passion makes you happy, no matter if you succeed or fail in that. Yes, that is the wisdom I acquired in these 9 years.

And this time, I don’t a thing I will be successfully reasoning myself. I mean, come on, I am living in an era when technology rules us. Take the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with Intel Inside for example. I won’t have to give myself reasons for not finding time to go to my classes. With this tab, with the lightning speed, I am sure buffering and watching the video tutorials about learning guitar is not going to be difficult. And the plus side, I can do that anytime I want. While travelling in the Metro or at night, after finishing all my work. Yes, that makes time constraint a redundant factor altogether.

I hope the new year sees a better and more determined me!

What really rekindled the quest to rediscover my passion? Here you go:

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