My Reflection Smiled, I did not.

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I looked into the mirror again,

And I realized,
I have been looking into it for so long.

What do I search for?
The happy me from the past,
Or an anticipated content me in the future?
I have started to believe that,
My soul is not here with me,
But on the other side.
I try to smile, I can not. 
I looked at her, 
She smiled, I still couldn’t.
Her smile made the mirror shatter,
Into thousands of pieces. 
Pieces that contain my soul.
They are too small for anyone to care,
They are big enough to cut me,
Into a thousand more pieces.
All I was searching for in the mirror,
Is the happiness that I couldn’t find in the real world.
And I stand here, hopelessly turned down by my own reflection. 

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  1. Awwww Vishwesh! That was really sweet of you. No matter how much we wish for certain things, life is beautiful only if we experience the good, the bad and the worst. Only then we can appreciate the best 🙂

  2. I wish the coming year brings harmony between you and your inner self.
    May you smile from the inside as heartily as you do from the outside.

    Your smile conveys a thousand words. Words that not you, not your mirror, but only a few can read.

    Beautiful portrayal of an inevitable period in one's life where one fails to make the soul smile.

    As much as I wish that you keep on writing such beautiful posts, I wish that such a post does not find a home in your life again.

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