MBE | 2013 – 2015.

(This is a winning post written for a contest hosted at My Yatra Diaries.)

One fine day, suddenly my phone rings and I am informed that my friend’s group’s name on this chat app has been changed. 
5 months to go.
And then the harsh reality struck me. College is going to be over soon. And this is probably the last time I get to say the word “college”. It seems like yesterday. Fresh out of my engineering, I enter a B-school with loads of aspirations and, well yes, anticipation. Will I be able to adjust with the academics? Will I find good people? How will I adjust with so many people with loads of work experience? 
That was last year and today, 18 months have passed. My engineering was okay. But my post graduation is fun. There are so many beautiful experiences of almost everything in life. The first real job interview, the first ever night out – they are just to name a few. 
Apart from the beautiful campus and the routine 50-km drive, the most important thing that I will be missing is the people I met here. Yes, my friends who made each and every experience here worth. Though there are many people here who have touched my life, I spent most of my time with seven really beautiful people. 
We all are different. Really different. So different that at times I feel so out of place with them, but yet, they are adorable. In fact, everyone is different from everyone here. Yet, we all are together. 
Let me tell you about the most striking characteristic of each one.
1. The Foodie.
Yes, he loves food. All the food. 
Avneet, the man who eats everything.
2. The Poser
She loves the camera. And we have to click till we get her a perfect shot. 
Tanvi, the poser.
3. The Baby
Each group of friends has a baby who needs to be pampered all the time. And it’s not enforced, the pampering just comes naturally.
Umang, the baby.
4. The “Drunkest”
Whether drunk or sober, he will always look stoned. 
Shashank, the soberly drunk!
5. The Dancer
There is always one person in a group who will dance to any song, anywhere. No matter how far the music is playing, the twinkling feet will always start to dance on the tunes! 

Rashi, the dancer.
6. The “funny” one.
He is deliberately funny all the time to keep the environment happy for all of us!
Hitesh, the photo bomber.
7. The “swagger”.
Oh yes! This one. The ultra cool one. I have really less photos of his because he joined us pretty late. 
Vishwesh, the YOLO guy!
Well, these are their peculiar and embarrassing characteristics. But they are sensible and the best set of people that anyone can get. 

Remember how I said that we all are different? Well, there is this one thing that is common between all of us. That is food. 
70 percent of our time goes into finding good place to have good food.
Also, we make Rashi to model with all the food. Trust me, she suffers a lot. 
There are so many things that we did together!
Memorable times!
And some silly things that just the guys did..
When you can not just understand what are the guys up to!
And some, which only the girls could have done!
Girls are always better to be clicked!
The best part about having a large group is that you get to cut cakes. Loads of them.
Loads of birthdays!
And the list of things we did is endless.
And yes, we surely did the things that we were meant to do in college!
When I look back, I know that I met the best of the lot here. I really hope to spend an amazing time with them in the last 5- months.
I know I will be cherishing these two years for a long time to come!
I might not say it often, but, I love you guys! 🙂
This post is my entry for ‘My College Diary’ contest held by travel blog My Yatra Diary in collaboration with Collegedunia.com
I tag the following bloggers. I really want to know what their college life was like! 
  1. Eeeeee Aseem! Coming from you, I feel honored. My first big win, but it's the compliment from ace bloggers like you that make me feel proud, even more than the prize itself 😀

  2. One of the most beautiful posts in this contest Sushmita. Loved the pictures and the illustrations which accompanied them.

    Oh how I miss those days :(. And hearty congratulations for an amazing win :D.

  3. Daaampu! This blog reminds me so much of my DCE days. I remember I was in a similar zone then. I am so glad that you could experience the same feeling. One simply cannot describe this feeling of going through magic. Enjoy every second of this period left, coz believe me these don't come often!

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